The beard seems to be here to stay

Last year Lars grew a beard specifically so he could dress up like Silent Bob for Halloween.

Somehow between it being ‘in’, friends complimenting him (friends with beards), and general laziness of not needing to shave the beard stuck around.

I can’t say it is a forever thing, but, I have collected some evidence of its permanence…

exhibit A. It now has accessories…  I would recommend the beardman bib because it keeps disgusting beard hair out of every nook in the bathroom.  img_0523

We also now own a beard “groomarang” that is a guide tool so when Lars actually does some face trimming he does not look like a Piccaco. 912bhtfevkel-_sx522_


Exhibit B.  Every family picture now has Dad with a beard…


B.1 … including when we go to costco – img_0931










Exhibit C. We are getting beard themed gifts from friends.img_0684


So given the evidence, I don’t think the beard is going anywhere soon.


However.  counter argument.  There is some gray in there….



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