My life full of hats


health – lingering colds, not keeping us down

workout – last night heavy lift, doing my 170 weight for a few weeks

house – untouched today…. I have work to do

projects – my garage is clean and my car is in it!!!!


I know I’ve mentioned my clients a time or two.  Obviously, they are not the topic of this, but, since the topic of this is my life – when vast chunks of my time are now sold to other people it creeps into my life.  And, I also like them, they are fun and I like doing it, but it is tiring.


Not tiring like my old job where I was breakneck most days trying to hit all the things that needed doing.  This new client based job where I’m working on bringing their business into the online world I feel like I’m putting on a new personality with each client.


One client is a lawyer.  For him I’m careful, meticulous, clean pictures.  I learn every week from what he writes.  It is not personal, it is not warm and fuzzy, it feels like a very neat kitchen with nothing distracting on the counters.

Next is a women who is interested in about a dozen different things but we are focusing on her desire to spread positive messages about business to empower.  For her I’m warm, wide thinking, soft colors, meaningful memes.  I can like and share with abandon because the whole world is her target.  With her I feel like I’m writing in a beautifully messy art studio.

Number 3 is a manufacturing company.  Brick and mortar and they make things.  I share products and machines and seek to educate and network.  The world I enter for them is gray and tan and full of sharp tools.  I feel like I’m on a virtual shop floor making content for them.

Finally a lawn guy.  Green and clean and outdoors.  A little silly, a little power tool, a blend of man and nature.  He is a hard one because he can’t really work outside a specific area and he is a man of few words (zero actually) so I’m flying blind for him.  Still fun pretending that I know about leaf blowing and mowing and researching enough to share with confidence.

Then I do my giving – the PTO site – serving the parents of the school as I would like to be served.  I get to wear my mom hat, but, a bigger one.  I am cheerleading all the kids in the school, it is bright and cheerful and parent colored (that is a color that also has stains but you don’t even care).


And finally here.  Myself.  I am a bit of all those sites, all those sites get a bit of me.  I’m a bit dizzy because today I did all the work I could possibly pre do for the next 2 weeks so I can take time with my visiting parents.  Did I mention my parents were visiting?  I didn’t exactly forget, but, I did forget what day today is and how few days there are between now and then.  Good thing we have frequent guests so the guest room is basically ready.  And after wishing 5 different audiences Happy Thanksgiving in 5 different voices I can focus on our celebration for next week.  All I’m sure on is that there will be turkey (as long as there still is one to buy)


Now I’m going to go lie down and let the voices settle.


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