AU Kate had a baby!

Guess how I know… her aunt sent me congratulations 🙂  I forwarded them along.  Now the house hunt makes sense, I do hope they figured something out because I could not imagine moving with a newborn.

I might have more later today but I’m going to try and blitz the outside things today while we still have miraculous warm weather.  Time hop has reminded me that at least 3 years of the last 8 there was snow on the ground by now.  I’m living on borrowed summer….

**If you are new here from the NaBloPoMo list welcome, sorry this story seems out of place.  If you want the whole story search ‘other kate’ in the search window.  Short version, I have at least 3 people who accidently use my email address.  The one I have tracked down (also have gotten the most important things from over they years) lives in Australia.  I feel oddly close to her given how much of her life she accidently shares with me, and I share with my blog because I know at least 1 person loves the story line 🙂



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