Thank you for Stickers

Remember when Oriental Trading Company asked if I wanted a few things, no charge, from their website for Halloween in return for a post?  Well, they liked me well enough to offer the same for Thanksgiving!  This post is made possible by the lovely free things provided by Oriental Trading Company (who I also regularly give my money too)

In the spirit of ‘giving’, I looked at the selection of things on the website in the Thanksgiving area with an eye toward what I could share.  I also remembered to check HOW MANY of a thing come in a pack this time (lesson learned….) and decided on a little thanksgiving scene  kit that is a blank background and a ton of repositionable stickers.  I sent them in with Zoe (teacher oked) and they used them yesterday in their thanksgiving journal project.  They already write daily, this day just got special stickers!

Here is Zoe’s journal and another child’s.  It is crazy to see how different two kids, both around 6, took on this assignment

img_0987img_0986-0This seems to say; Pilgrims came inside two ships.  When they got there they couldn’t survive.  The Indians helped the pilgrems.  And that was how Minnesota came. 

So given that she isn’t really all that up on the story, she was informed by the stickers about how many ships there were.

We may also have to work on some geography of where the pilgrims actually landed because it was not the shores of Minnesota…. (we are dead center of the north American continent).  She has driven from MN to the actual coast of the country and knows how long that is, but, I don’t think she has a clue that pilgrims came from Europe and landed on the closest land to Europe.  I do like that is looks like the Native Americans were setting up a nice buffet including pie and squash soup as the pilgrims were on their boats.


The other child also seems to have no reference to the actual semi-historical story but he does a good job describing his picture.  “Today as you can see there are 7 peoples enjoying chickens, potatoes, turkeys, pies, corns, and grapes and pumpkins.  He nicely pairs up some people with no regard for gender or race, I’m very cool with that and I hope it never changes in his brain.

I personally love 1st-grade spelling.  Zoe is completely phonetic, the other child has a love of the possessive form instead of plural.

These come in packs of 12 so there were 3 extra that I gave to my girls.  They are enjoying the longer term use of the pictures by changing them around now and then. The repositionable stickers are fun for moving but frustrated the school kids because they didn’t just stick like a normal sticker.   img_0988-0

We have them hanging on the wall in our upstairs hall so we pass by all the time.  The top one is Niamh’s, she decided that the women were cooking, the one man was bringing wood and the other man was taking a nap.  She also filled the buckets with produce, nicely using storage….

Zoe is copying Niamh’s napping guy but decided to seriously focus on pies.  At one point, everyone had a pie on their face.  She also enjoyed lining up the pumpkins.

Fiona’s picture is next and I love her turkey riding the sun.  She went more natural with the pumpkin placement but she does not care for corn, so, there is none used.  She has actually played with hers most and has the little people talk and move around.

I’m happy with the quality, the stickers are a bit easy to rip as you take them off the sheet, especially the ships, but the majority are fine for even little 4-year-old fingers.

We got a selection of other things but I plan on using most closer to thanksgiving.  I did want to get this up early enough so if you were so inclined to get this as an activity for thanksgiving day, or, to even use as kids placemats so they can play while they eat, you have time for shipping.

img_0985One other thing I got that I want to share is this cute set of craft bags.  We are constantly needing to bring something somewhere, like to school, that should not get smashed into the backpack/bag so I usually use bags that I’m ok with never seeing again (but could totally reuse!).  The fall decoration gives them a good lifespan for us, they are a more sophisticated version of a gift bag and could easily hold a bottle of wine or holiday cookies.

Oriental Trading Company, thanks for helping us look more classy!  In looking for the link for the bag I noticed many other cute bags for other seasons.  I think I’m making a shopping list now….  ::sigh:: free goldfish syndrome.

I’m glad to have this post to write today.  I’m moving on from yesterday and election day.  What I can do is what I’ve always done; support my local schools and town, keep an eye on the big picture, and know when I need to shout about something.


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