Today I voted.

I also squatted 160lb multiple time and did many of my new favorite exercise ‘cleave and press’ with the 45lb bar among other weight related exercises.

I also walked a mile while posting for 2 clients

I also grocery shopped, and, got supplies for this month’s class snack that I will be working on later today

I returned library books

I did dishes and counters and put away groceries and served a lunch

I checked up on work and facebook and email


I know that neither presidential candidate did any of those things today (except vote, and maybe walk a mile).  However, I do feel that I had to vote for the person who would do the best job.  I have friends voting the other way and they have their reasons that I respect.  (I don’t have dumb friends)

My reasons for Mrs Cliton are; She knows Washington.  She has been active in family and children and womens rights for longer than I’ve been alive.  She was the one in high school who you would want to borrow her notes but maybe not have a debate with.  She has changed diapers, she was on the PTA, she is more like me.

I’m not going to vote to avoid something amorphous.  The rumor is that Trump will throw out 90% of Washington and if Clinton is elected it will start a nuclear war.  I don’t believe either one.

Women have been able to vote for 90 years.  I’ve been able to vote for 18 years.  Nobody  has ever tried to stop me and today I had my ballot in under 5 min and was done in around 10.  I’m thankful that today is peaceful and I am optimistic that tomorrow will be too.



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