Another missed Monday

So guess what?  My kids have off today….  Teacher work day they tell me, but looking forward there are quite a few Mondays they get off for random reasons.

In my middle school, you could choose to sit anywhere in the cafeteria BUT once you decided you could not move for the year.  This was probably half to keep the teachers watching us sane, and half to keep the cafe lines orderly.  There were 5 rows of tables and each row had a day assigned and on that day they went first.  I vividly remember the discussion about where to sit and ruling out Monday and Friday as the days most frequently off and we narrowed further because Thanksgiving is always a Thursday and there are a few Jewish holidays that tend to be Thursday/Friday off – so in our discussion between Tuesday and Wednesday we picked Wednesday.  The reason why was that the day after your day your row was last, and, with the possible Thursdays off  we would have fewer last days because you basically never get Wednesday off so Tuesday row would have more ‘go last’ days.

Apparently, this logic still holds true.  Looking back, that is pretty calculating for 7th grade.

We used the day well, we all went to the dentist and now they can play while I do the normal Monday things as best as I can.


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