Day after Halloween; Day of the dead

I want to wrap up all the Halloween culminating with yesterday, but, I can’t not acknowledge that we are continuing our version of dio del los muertos.  Since our day of the dead is pretty low key this year I can start there.  Years ago I started a family tradition of remembering our family and friends especially on this day.  I have an album we look through, we talk about everyone.  I try to keep the conversation to the things each person did in their life but we always end up with cautionary messages around how each person died, probably not the worst thing to discuss.  I get a bouquet of flowers and plan a nice treat and that is what we do.  This year we added zero people to the book and I am very glad.  There are one or two people on the roof, but, they are really doing well all things considered.  It is a reminder though that we need to love people in the moment because you don’t quite know when it may be over.  Two people in my book were alive one day and gone the next with zero warning.  Can’t be scared, can take care of yourself, can be mindful of friends and family.


Yesterday, as Zoe said, was the last day of Halloween.  It was a fun Halloween season but I’m glad that I can put it away.  After a while, the decorations turn into clutter and I’m done with them.  I volunteered to help at school and I basically spent alllllll day there and it was fun but exhausting.  I started in Zoe’s class working at one of the stations in the Halloween party.  Ironically the other parent I was paired with was a dad, and, his daughters name is Zoey – no end of silly questions from that – but he was a great partner and we ran that marshmallow slingshot event like champs.  After 60 kids routed through they all went to a little movie while I and two other moms helped them make Frankenstein hand prints and after it was obvious help was needed with the hands washing part I moved over to that job.  Little kids have an amazing range of hands!  You get used to your kids but looking at about 50 different hands yesterday there was just a real diversity of size and shape.

Anyway, then I went to lunch with the kids but they don’t eat together so I had 2.5 lunch periods.  Fiona actually bridges the two lunch times so I didn’t have a full 3 lunches in the cafeteria.  After lunch, I helped a dozen kids get their costumes in order and when Zoe’s class went to the library I thought I might check in on Niamh’s class.  They said they didn’t need help earlier but when I got there I was sucked right in because they absolutely needed me to run the candy decorating buffet.  Things ran really smoothly but again, its fun to see how different kids that are all basically the same demographic can be.

The 3rd grade party complete I had just enough time to stake out a spot with Fiona to watch the Halloween parade and then I collected my children and came home to collapse.  And that is all BEFORE trick or treating!  I took a little break and let them zone out to TV while I thanked my lucky stars I didn’t become an elementary teacher.

Back into costumes and the special Halloween makeup and I sent the kids out with Lars while I got myself ready and ate a bit of dinner (so I would not eat all the candy).  Lars was semi dissapointed I didn’t have time to make him a costume so I pulled this together in about 5 minutes and it made him so happy.  Half to have a costume and half because I didn’t forget about him!


We seriously had more candy than we eat in 6 months from just our block but we went out to the big party anyway.  It was very festive and fun and well lit and warm, just like every year I’m glad we go.  The candy is bountiful and on our way out they topped up every trick or treater with a giant scoop to fill their container.  We have soooooo much candy!   Back at our house, we had about 10 kids come and take from our plate and I’m happy to say that toys beat candy in the selection.  We got bendy skelatons and choclate eyeballs and there is only one bendy left~  The kids fell into candy comas and I followed them not too long after.



Halloween is not quite over since I didn’t get good pictures of the costumes all together.  The weather yesterday was foggy and dim and I needed that down time between school and going out to NOT be direction a photoshoot so this weekend we will get offical pictures and be finished 🙂


Oh, this weekend we had an excellent time out at a costume party where we left the kids at a friends house so I slept until 8am, undisturbed, for the first time in 8 years.  We also brought this ‘winekin’ (a pumpkin that has a bag of wine inside) and it went over quite well.  img_0717

And that gets us basically up to date.


For the next month I’m going to try and post daily for the November challange.  It will be harder this year since I’m not in the daily posting grove anymore but I’ll give it a try.  There was someone onver the weekend that was very bored and read nealry 500 of my posts so if that person is here agian, I’ll be writing more, don’t worry – the story is not over!


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