Halloween rehash

Some of this has been on Instagram or facebook but I’m going to collect it all here for those of you who only read “da-blog”.  I miss my Thankful Thursday exercise because that was where I collected all the cool things that had been going on that didn’t totally merit a post but Thursdays have gotten crazy, however, there are no rules against Thankful Friday~  I could go with the Friday Followup to get the double letter thing… Anyway, in listy form, here it all is.


Costumes are complete!  We have not worn them in their 100% glory yet because I don’t trust the blue leggings on the Poliwag  until ‘real’ Halloween.  Although the leggings I got for Niamh from Oriental Trading as part of my Halloween partnership have held up really well.  We went to a local Trunk or Treat that had outside stuff and an indoor little craft and carnival theme.

I decided on doing a simple hood for the Dedene and Zoe wanted it to cover her eyes so I made cartoon eyes around the hole and it worked out really well.  The Flarion tail is still a nemesis… I am getting pretty anti tail and wing. Love ears though, if it can go on a hat or headband I’m game.


Last week I talked about the distinct lack of kid-sized halloween shirts.  I got 2 black and 2 white shirts, a roll of white lace and a remnant of black lace (all from Walmart so you can do this too).  I made a template of the ghost from paper and then just laid the lace over it to cut them in rows.  Started from the bottom row on the shirt and went up.  I used the stretch stitch and only sewed along the top edge of each row except for the top row I sewed down the sides.  For the witch hat I used a stretch stitch around the whole edge and then sewed on the ribbon.  On Niamh’s I actually cut in an arch to make it look 3D but I’m not sure you can tell.  The real win is that both girls loved them.

I actually posted a different picture of the ghost shirt first that has a Fiona in a grump photobomb and a friend commented “What I see is that is stinks to be youngest”.  Fiona has about 15 different shirts but don’t worry, I took a picture of todays outfit too…


This is an “I dress myself” because that is a halloween shirt over a summer dress and you can’t see the watermelon seed leggings because they are covered by octopus leg warmers.  Oh, and don’t miss the spider in her hair, thats why she is making that face, she is trying to show the spider.

Speaking of spiders in hair, here is a good and super easy hair accessory.


I did a normal pony tail and then put the spider on top and used a single clear tiny hair binder and it will stay on no problem.  Zoe had one too but she was out the door already.


I’m low on spooky food this year.  I’ve done popcorn ghosts and mummy dogs but mornings are too busy for crazy food every day.  I might do more for real halloween…


And that is the week of halloween!  We are carving pumpkins with vacation Mom this weekend and a few other little crafts.


Time for me to go collect the kids so sorry about the minimilally editited post!


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