Other Kate is moving

Ah, Australia Kate.  I feel like we are friends, thanks for including me in your real estate hunt.  More realistically, thanks to her realtor who has sent me the open houses in ‘my’ target area for the past 3 weeks.  I dutifully  send them on to the real address so she doesn’t look bad to the guy setting up 6 appointments a weekend for her.  Imagine if she just didn’t show up?  Once he may forgive, but 3 times she would be finding a new agent.  Maybe she should,  email address accuracy (or lack thereof) might be a symptom of sloppy work in general.

The interesting thing here is I’ve never taken the opportunity to look at real estate prices in other countries.  All of us thinking of fleeing to Australia pending election results, please take into account that a tiny condo, in what I hope is a desirable neighborhood, with 1 garage and 1 bathroom is over 500k.  WTF?  I even double checked the exchange rate and the Australian dollar floats around .75 on our USD so, unless our dollar tanks pending elections, we do have slightly higher buying power but not enough to bridge that gap.

I could not resist sending her some houses from here, I sent her suburban castles with 5 bathrooms and bedrooms and 4 car garages.  Poor Kate probably had a minor stroke thinking of all the potential cleaning needed to keep that much square footage clean…

Personally we are in the endless cycle of looking at our house and wishing it were bigger so we look at moving and every house we look at has a list of things that we would want to change, so, we look at changing this house but making a place bigger isn’t easy and round and round we go.  Someday maybe we will build, or move, or build and move.  Why do bigger houses devote so much space to giant tubs in the master?  Why aren’t kitchens ever bigger than a postage stamp?  Why do people think ‘offices’ belong in the corner of the livingroom?  What is wrong with hardwood floors everywhere?  Apparently our needs do not meet the current market offerings….

Good luck Au Kate, I hope you find a deal!



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2 responses to “Other Kate is moving”

  1. fancypaperblog says :

    It is so funny that this happens!!


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