5 day weekend!


all kids; IN SCHOOL

me; doing all the things

weather; making me wish I could be outside


Just when you feel like things are starting to roll in the new schedule and it flips the table.  Last week was actually really nice, the timing was off, but you can’t have it all.

I have the compulsion that when there is a break that I MUST make it memorable and special.  There are just too few opportunities to waste 5 days off on a massive netflix marathon, however, I do have fond memories of just watching TV and movies.  This time I  let them have some binge netflix and I got all the costumes done.  We also went out all over the place and kept busy overall.

On a bigger scale, I feel like I just got this ‘little kid’ thing figured out just in time for them to grow out of it.  For the first time I’m going to skip the un-scary Halloween because it is for ages 5 and under and with Zoe on the ‘other’ side of 5 she tips the scale.  It is a fun event for little little kids and I’m comfortable there but I need to let it go.  Ironically, Fiona didn’t go last year because she was pitching a massive fit.  Anyway, letting go of little little kid things opens the door for the next phase.  This weekend we went to a fun night time parade where all the floats are lit up and semi-spooky.  We brought friends and it was a good time but it was filled with ‘notes for next time’ because we all were clueless as to what to expect.  For future reference, and, if you are looking for real mom tips, here are my notes for the Anoka Light up the Night Parade;

  1. Although people do get there really really early to get spots, we got there an hour early and felt like we were too early.  Next year we will aim to arrive at 6:30.
  2. We stood at basically the middle of the route, not the best plan, all the bands were just finishing a song right before us and in the rest phase as they walked by.  Next year we need to shift up or down.
  3. Bring light up toys!  There were endless vendors selling light up doodads that I seriously didn’t want to pay parade prices for AND we already owned 50% of them at home.
  4. Yes; Costumes on spectators.  We didn’t know… but yes, plenty of costumes.

We also went to another event sponsored by Kris Lindahl RealEstate, the Great Pumpkin Give away.  The man may have my next real-estate purchase because he is definitely successful.  The event itself was crowded and  I heard from a mom  I know from preschool that this year was incredibly more popular than other years.  There were long lines for all the things, but, it was all actually free so hard to complain.  Again, notes for next year because while we did have fun, we could totally optimize;

  1. Get there later.  We arrived about 30min from the start and it was packed.  I was worried that there would be about 100 pumpkins and we would miss it but there were thousands.
  2. Dress more warmly than you think.  It was a nice fall day at my house, sweater weather, but the event was a giant open field and the wind was cold.  I’m glad we had gear in the car but there were whines from the peanut gallery.
  3. Not a costume event.  Nobody laughed or pointed, but, we were in the minority and it made the bouncy houses etc harder.

The take away for me about these events, and the week in general, that I want to highlight for myself is that the kids are OK with a more lax schedule finally.  Fiona was unwinding when lunch was 3 hours later than normal but in general we did ok.  Kids ate when food was given, and, asked for food when they were hungry and when they had a giant late lunch they were all ok with a really small dinner.  They are getting to be like real people!  Not infants who need precise feeding schedules or food on demand.  I’m always going to carry emergency granola but I don’t actually need to plan around meals and naps anymore.



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