Neglected Blog

Poor blog….

All the other 3d people get my attention.

The people who expect results from my tapping away at the internet on their behalf but also need a bit more hand-holding to start than expected.

The people I gave birth to who are not in school most of this week due to made up Minnesota holidays that I completely forgot about, but, I have to now parent 300% more during the day this week than anticipated. Bonus; Fiona had all week off.

The people I’m friends with keep putting fun stuff on the calendar that I want to go to.

The person who is my workout companion, who has my back when the instructor asks “do we need a break” and I’m the only one yelling YES – she chimes in, texts me with tempting workouts that are a painfully awesome 60min long.

The newly found hobby of going to all the school meetings takes way more of my time than is strictly necessary but it is so fun to know all the behind the scenes things of our town that I can’t not go when invited.

So all in all I’ve been cramming in all the things I can, plus, making Halloween costumes.  I like all this stuff, it just that half of it takes me far far away from my computer and the other half steals all my words so I have none left for here.

Don’t feel bad blog, you are more neat than the house.  House is truly suffering from these things, but, with the bonus of some of the things I’m doing create more mess than ever.  Costume production is not neat and neither is reorganizing 2 rooms and a closet.  Right now I have a tower taller than I am of boxes labeled “0-3, 3-6, 6-9, and 9-12”  Yup, a years worth of itty bitty baby girl stuff was stored in the closet that now has Zoe’s things and there isn’t really a good place in the world right now for them so in my room they tower and glower at me day and night.  Is anyone having a girl?  All my friends are boy producers…

So that is my slice of life.  I’m living it, just not overly documenting.  I’ll catch up next month when I promise to post every day.


2 responses to “Neglected Blog”

  1. fancypaperblog says :

    I feel like I am in a similar place! Getting a poet out once per fortnight..if lucky😨


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