Good-bye house wife, Hello work from home


Me – a drippy nose cold

Kids – also mild colds

Lars – fine (for now…)

workouts – skipped in favor of work or sleep this week


I’m going to start in an odd spot.  A LONG time ago in one of my MBA classes we had to do presentations and they could be on any topic.  One person told us about a technique of saying out loud what you want in a specific way and, like magic, it will happen.  They said the only thing you will regret about the system is not aiming higher.

Over the years I’ve done this myself, passed it on to others, and even got my kids to do it.  I give it some of the potty training credit for Zoe even.  When I was looking at things in my life over the summer I realized that it was time to ask the universe for more clients.  For the past 2 years I’ve dabbled in social media contracting, doing good work for good people but on a very very part time basis.  I started September with one rock solid and awesome client that amounted to 1h of work a week but I asked the universe for more.

More I now have!  One lady I was talking to really solidified.  Another person I kept crossing signals with now is with me.  Finally, the Lady, who represented 1.5 clients herself put me intouch with a company that hired me on the spot who represents 3x the hours.  I asked the universe for 5 clients and I got it.

I was getting worried that I might have too much time next year with Fiona in full-time school.  I would move from Stay and Home Mom to housewife because there would be no kids for me to mother.  Housewives are obligated to have much cleaner houses than I do and while a clean house is nice I am not sure I will find it as mentally (or financially)  fulfilling  as a paycheck that I earn from my home office working around the things in my world.  We have been very lucky that money has not been an issue, but, we have also been careful and put some things on hold.  I am optimistic that we can look at things again sooner than we thought.


So thank you universe!

In other news I’ve developed a cold so it’s hard to be super happy since I’m doing all the client set up work while creating a mountain of tissues.  It is ok, this weekend is much more mellow than last with just one birthday party and a tentatively planned trip to the pumpkin patch and sewing of Halloween costumes.


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