weather – fall is why people live here; crisp, sunny, perfect

naps – I should stop trying.  However, the kids will sometimes let me nap in peace if I am cranky enough.  I think of it as training for when they have kids to recognize that sleep cures crank.

workouts – last week was great, this week looks too busy but I’ll try.

Halloween – needs to get out of storage!  I feel like we are a week behind already


As soon as I get in the grove of kids and school we have a random Monday off.  This month has a few days off, I wanted to say holiday, but, they are not ‘holidays’ just days they don’t go to school.  Teacher workshops etc.  Anyway, it was actually really nice to have a long weekend because we filled it up nicely.  Nice for us, not so nice for the trees or possibly people trying to day sleep in our neighborhood… As I posted Saturday, we chainsawed!  There was thoughts of safety.  We wore glasses and shoes and had a third adult there with us so decisions on how to cut the massive hanging branches had 3 brains to spot death traps.  There was only one close call but it was more about the chainsaw being hot and less about miscalculating tree fall or ladder etc.



the saw was actually stopped for this picture, two hands were used at all times


Sunday Lars took Niamh to do archery and thrown weapons.  Did I mention our new hobby?  It is pretty fun to throw knives at a target and we have axes on order 🙂  While he was gone I ‘processed’ the down limbs into brush and branches and I feel that was a workout because I was doing it all with hand pruners.  By the end I have 5 bin sized piles of brush and a good addition to our wood pile.  However, the night was one of those perfect ones with no wind and crisp air and I started burning (in the fire pit) and with the help of a friend who was over for dinner, we burned nearly all the brush.  The girls have been wanting a bonfire for months but between schedules; busy Fridays and school night Sundays and many many busy Saturdays fact that this Sunday was NOT a school night made it extra perfect.  We ate out on the lawn and roasted marshmallows and had a glass of wine and enjoyed the night thoroughly.



Playing on our logs…


Monday with 3 kids again was not inducive to getting things done, but, we had a decent day.  Bikes are now such a positive in their life I have been talked into getting Zoe a new one.  Her old one is too small, and, without training wheels it has no kickstand so that really bothers her.  Unfortunately the next size up, that really is the right size for her, also is 100 training wheeled so no kickstands…  Today I got her a 20in bike, she can just about reach the ground with her toes so I’m hopeful she will grow over the winter.  I was feeling frivolous and indulgent getting her a bike nowhere near her birthday or Christmas. Christmas in Minnesota is really not for bikes since it is arctic, and, by spring I would hate to make her wait 2 months until her birthday riding a comically small bike.  Doing it now means we get a solid month, if not 2, of fall riding before it gets cold and dark. Plus, she is very very very persistent in her line of requests…


The other MAJOR achievement of the weekend was finally moving Zoe into the upstairs room with Fiona.  This was about 6 months in the works.  We started thinking about it because she and Niamh were staying up late annoying each other.  (They were playing too sometimes).  We thought about moving Niamh up and Fiona down but with Fiona’s poor breathing I don’t feel comfortable with her out of hearing range.  We let it sit and over the summer the play dynamic began to shift; Niamh wanted to do more grown up detailed things and Fiona was no longer the destroyer of worlds and now Zoe and Fiona play much more.  Vacation Mom actually suggested just getting a second bunk bed because then Niamh does not need to move, we can get more storage in that room, and I don’t have to take apart and re assemble a bunk bed.  Regardless we were buying something because the tot bed is now truly too small for Fiona so now our house has 2 sets of bunk beds!

They have different bedtimes and that’s been working out well really.  Since Fiona is asleep Zoe has nobody to talk to so she goes to sleep too.  The unexpected twist is that Fiona wakes up around 6:30 and gets a kindle and now Zoe is getting woken up too early.  You never know what will be the fly in the pie…

My goal for this week is to get the house ready for guests and a big party, plus, sewing lesson #2 today so I must get off the computer and back to the exciting world of Stay and Home Mom.


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