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Halloween rehash

Some of this has been on Instagram or facebook but I’m going to collect it all here for those of you who only read “da-blog”.  I miss my Thankful Thursday exercise because that was where I collected all the cool things that had been going on that didn’t totally merit a post but Thursdays have gotten crazy, however, there are no rules against Thankful Friday~  I could go with the Friday Followup to get the double letter thing… Anyway, in listy form, here it all is.


Costumes are complete!  We have not worn them in their 100% glory yet because I don’t trust the blue leggings on the Poliwag  until ‘real’ Halloween.  Although the leggings I got for Niamh from Oriental Trading as part of my Halloween partnership have held up really well.  We went to a local Trunk or Treat that had outside stuff and an indoor little craft and carnival theme.

I decided on doing a simple hood for the Dedene and Zoe wanted it to cover her eyes so I made cartoon eyes around the hole and it worked out really well.  The Flarion tail is still a nemesis… I am getting pretty anti tail and wing. Love ears though, if it can go on a hat or headband I’m game.


Last week I talked about the distinct lack of kid-sized halloween shirts.  I got 2 black and 2 white shirts, a roll of white lace and a remnant of black lace (all from Walmart so you can do this too).  I made a template of the ghost from paper and then just laid the lace over it to cut them in rows.  Started from the bottom row on the shirt and went up.  I used the stretch stitch and only sewed along the top edge of each row except for the top row I sewed down the sides.  For the witch hat I used a stretch stitch around the whole edge and then sewed on the ribbon.  On Niamh’s I actually cut in an arch to make it look 3D but I’m not sure you can tell.  The real win is that both girls loved them.

I actually posted a different picture of the ghost shirt first that has a Fiona in a grump photobomb and a friend commented “What I see is that is stinks to be youngest”.  Fiona has about 15 different shirts but don’t worry, I took a picture of todays outfit too…


This is an “I dress myself” because that is a halloween shirt over a summer dress and you can’t see the watermelon seed leggings because they are covered by octopus leg warmers.  Oh, and don’t miss the spider in her hair, thats why she is making that face, she is trying to show the spider.

Speaking of spiders in hair, here is a good and super easy hair accessory.


I did a normal pony tail and then put the spider on top and used a single clear tiny hair binder and it will stay on no problem.  Zoe had one too but she was out the door already.


I’m low on spooky food this year.  I’ve done popcorn ghosts and mummy dogs but mornings are too busy for crazy food every day.  I might do more for real halloween…


And that is the week of halloween!  We are carving pumpkins with vacation Mom this weekend and a few other little crafts.


Time for me to go collect the kids so sorry about the minimilally editited post!

Other Kate is moving

Ah, Australia Kate.  I feel like we are friends, thanks for including me in your real estate hunt.  More realistically, thanks to her realtor who has sent me the open houses in ‘my’ target area for the past 3 weeks.  I dutifully  send them on to the real address so she doesn’t look bad to the guy setting up 6 appointments a weekend for her.  Imagine if she just didn’t show up?  Once he may forgive, but 3 times she would be finding a new agent.  Maybe she should,  email address accuracy (or lack thereof) might be a symptom of sloppy work in general.

The interesting thing here is I’ve never taken the opportunity to look at real estate prices in other countries.  All of us thinking of fleeing to Australia pending election results, please take into account that a tiny condo, in what I hope is a desirable neighborhood, with 1 garage and 1 bathroom is over 500k.  WTF?  I even double checked the exchange rate and the Australian dollar floats around .75 on our USD so, unless our dollar tanks pending elections, we do have slightly higher buying power but not enough to bridge that gap.

I could not resist sending her some houses from here, I sent her suburban castles with 5 bathrooms and bedrooms and 4 car garages.  Poor Kate probably had a minor stroke thinking of all the potential cleaning needed to keep that much square footage clean…

Personally we are in the endless cycle of looking at our house and wishing it were bigger so we look at moving and every house we look at has a list of things that we would want to change, so, we look at changing this house but making a place bigger isn’t easy and round and round we go.  Someday maybe we will build, or move, or build and move.  Why do bigger houses devote so much space to giant tubs in the master?  Why aren’t kitchens ever bigger than a postage stamp?  Why do people think ‘offices’ belong in the corner of the livingroom?  What is wrong with hardwood floors everywhere?  Apparently our needs do not meet the current market offerings….

Good luck Au Kate, I hope you find a deal!


5 day weekend!


all kids; IN SCHOOL

me; doing all the things

weather; making me wish I could be outside


Just when you feel like things are starting to roll in the new schedule and it flips the table.  Last week was actually really nice, the timing was off, but you can’t have it all.

I have the compulsion that when there is a break that I MUST make it memorable and special.  There are just too few opportunities to waste 5 days off on a massive netflix marathon, however, I do have fond memories of just watching TV and movies.  This time I  let them have some binge netflix and I got all the costumes done.  We also went out all over the place and kept busy overall.

On a bigger scale, I feel like I just got this ‘little kid’ thing figured out just in time for them to grow out of it.  For the first time I’m going to skip the un-scary Halloween because it is for ages 5 and under and with Zoe on the ‘other’ side of 5 she tips the scale.  It is a fun event for little little kids and I’m comfortable there but I need to let it go.  Ironically, Fiona didn’t go last year because she was pitching a massive fit.  Anyway, letting go of little little kid things opens the door for the next phase.  This weekend we went to a fun night time parade where all the floats are lit up and semi-spooky.  We brought friends and it was a good time but it was filled with ‘notes for next time’ because we all were clueless as to what to expect.  For future reference, and, if you are looking for real mom tips, here are my notes for the Anoka Light up the Night Parade;

  1. Although people do get there really really early to get spots, we got there an hour early and felt like we were too early.  Next year we will aim to arrive at 6:30.
  2. We stood at basically the middle of the route, not the best plan, all the bands were just finishing a song right before us and in the rest phase as they walked by.  Next year we need to shift up or down.
  3. Bring light up toys!  There were endless vendors selling light up doodads that I seriously didn’t want to pay parade prices for AND we already owned 50% of them at home.
  4. Yes; Costumes on spectators.  We didn’t know… but yes, plenty of costumes.

We also went to another event sponsored by Kris Lindahl RealEstate, the Great Pumpkin Give away.  The man may have my next real-estate purchase because he is definitely successful.  The event itself was crowded and  I heard from a mom  I know from preschool that this year was incredibly more popular than other years.  There were long lines for all the things, but, it was all actually free so hard to complain.  Again, notes for next year because while we did have fun, we could totally optimize;

  1. Get there later.  We arrived about 30min from the start and it was packed.  I was worried that there would be about 100 pumpkins and we would miss it but there were thousands.
  2. Dress more warmly than you think.  It was a nice fall day at my house, sweater weather, but the event was a giant open field and the wind was cold.  I’m glad we had gear in the car but there were whines from the peanut gallery.
  3. Not a costume event.  Nobody laughed or pointed, but, we were in the minority and it made the bouncy houses etc harder.

The take away for me about these events, and the week in general, that I want to highlight for myself is that the kids are OK with a more lax schedule finally.  Fiona was unwinding when lunch was 3 hours later than normal but in general we did ok.  Kids ate when food was given, and, asked for food when they were hungry and when they had a giant late lunch they were all ok with a really small dinner.  They are getting to be like real people!  Not infants who need precise feeding schedules or food on demand.  I’m always going to carry emergency granola but I don’t actually need to plan around meals and naps anymore.


Again, what day is it?

Yesterday we had our first kid sleepover here that counted.  By count I mean it was not for babysitting reason, it was not a family member, and, no additional adults were here.  I know it sounds silly to fret over the 1 single extra child when 3 weeks ago we had 7 extra kids in the house, but, this was a school friend.  I don’t know the parents and I remembered as we were getting in the car from picking her up to ask about allergies but I suppose we are both just generally laid back parents because she didn’t ask any of the crazy questions I’ve seen listed on “Are they ready for a sleepover, and, are you aware of all the things that can go wrong?” articles (I should probably not read those…)  and I didn’t offer any answers in advance.

However, that really was not the point… point was when I posted on facebook that they were all giggles the first replay was “on a Thursday night?”.  You know, I had almost no idea what day of the week it was.  My days and nights are now just ordered by activities and yesterday was a ‘free evening’ for the kids and I  (Lars had guys night out).  So yes, once again, I have no idea what day it is.

The sleepover was a big success.  We kept it simple with a 5:30 start and her mom collected her about 10am.  A little time outside where they did the leaf pile thing (fall bucket list!) and then dinner and a game and stayed up ‘late’ with a movie and the entire bag of cheese doodles (that was only 1/4 full but getting the BAG is a big deal here).  I think the friend had a good time too, she was all smiles.  They went to sleep no issues and I don’t even think they are too short on sleep today.img_0629

Today we filled in the gaps of the day with a few events and right now I have my mothers helper here so I can get some work done.  Originally she was supposed to come on Wednsday, day 1 of this break, but we rescheduled for today because I had a feeling I would be in need of the help more today.  I had vague hope of getting all sorts of house projects done but instead we did more of the fall fun things.


We did our annual trip to our favorite pumpkin farm, and, as usual, the pictures are locked on my good camera.  We rode bikes to the park and had lazy breakfasts and epic games of My Little Pony that cover an acre of space.  I enticed them into shopping by promising them halloween shirts and little did I know that they just really don’t sell them in their size.  There are a few ‘boy’ ones (and by boy I mean gross) and plenty of adult ones…. Maybe my kids are odd to want halloween shirts because there can’t just be this big a market miss.  I ended up buying plain shirts and getting creative with some lace so now we have shirts that should work for a year or two.  img_0640

This weekend we have a variety of halloween activities on the menu and just one week before the real event.   I need to get going on the final touches on costumes~

Ok I must get on to other things while I have someone entertaining the kids.


ps.  If you are wondering the scary things I’ve read/been warned by police speakers about sleepovers;

  • Older brothers
  • Do the parents drink or smoke?
  • Are there guns in the house?
  • what TV might they watch?
  • how much supervision?

These are mostly just questions that you have your level of comfort and you assume the other parents are on the same page, but, you really don’t know what their level is.  The older brother thing is the #1, the local police say that 90% of the s@x offenders list is from things that happened between a boy and his younger sisters friends. …   For the record, no boys in the house, no smoking, 1 beer max (could drive to the hospital if needed), no guns, TV all Pg or G and medium supervision/I can hear what they are doing if not see.

Neglected Blog

Poor blog….

All the other 3d people get my attention.

The people who expect results from my tapping away at the internet on their behalf but also need a bit more hand-holding to start than expected.

The people I gave birth to who are not in school most of this week due to made up Minnesota holidays that I completely forgot about, but, I have to now parent 300% more during the day this week than anticipated. Bonus; Fiona had all week off.

The people I’m friends with keep putting fun stuff on the calendar that I want to go to.

The person who is my workout companion, who has my back when the instructor asks “do we need a break” and I’m the only one yelling YES – she chimes in, texts me with tempting workouts that are a painfully awesome 60min long.

The newly found hobby of going to all the school meetings takes way more of my time than is strictly necessary but it is so fun to know all the behind the scenes things of our town that I can’t not go when invited.

So all in all I’ve been cramming in all the things I can, plus, making Halloween costumes.  I like all this stuff, it just that half of it takes me far far away from my computer and the other half steals all my words so I have none left for here.

Don’t feel bad blog, you are more neat than the house.  House is truly suffering from these things, but, with the bonus of some of the things I’m doing create more mess than ever.  Costume production is not neat and neither is reorganizing 2 rooms and a closet.  Right now I have a tower taller than I am of boxes labeled “0-3, 3-6, 6-9, and 9-12”  Yup, a years worth of itty bitty baby girl stuff was stored in the closet that now has Zoe’s things and there isn’t really a good place in the world right now for them so in my room they tower and glower at me day and night.  Is anyone having a girl?  All my friends are boy producers…

So that is my slice of life.  I’m living it, just not overly documenting.  I’ll catch up next month when I promise to post every day.

Good-bye house wife, Hello work from home


Me – a drippy nose cold

Kids – also mild colds

Lars – fine (for now…)

workouts – skipped in favor of work or sleep this week


I’m going to start in an odd spot.  A LONG time ago in one of my MBA classes we had to do presentations and they could be on any topic.  One person told us about a technique of saying out loud what you want in a specific way and, like magic, it will happen.  They said the only thing you will regret about the system is not aiming higher.

Over the years I’ve done this myself, passed it on to others, and even got my kids to do it.  I give it some of the potty training credit for Zoe even.  When I was looking at things in my life over the summer I realized that it was time to ask the universe for more clients.  For the past 2 years I’ve dabbled in social media contracting, doing good work for good people but on a very very part time basis.  I started September with one rock solid and awesome client that amounted to 1h of work a week but I asked the universe for more.

More I now have!  One lady I was talking to really solidified.  Another person I kept crossing signals with now is with me.  Finally, the Lady, who represented 1.5 clients herself put me intouch with a company that hired me on the spot who represents 3x the hours.  I asked the universe for 5 clients and I got it.

I was getting worried that I might have too much time next year with Fiona in full-time school.  I would move from Stay and Home Mom to housewife because there would be no kids for me to mother.  Housewives are obligated to have much cleaner houses than I do and while a clean house is nice I am not sure I will find it as mentally (or financially)  fulfilling  as a paycheck that I earn from my home office working around the things in my world.  We have been very lucky that money has not been an issue, but, we have also been careful and put some things on hold.  I am optimistic that we can look at things again sooner than we thought.


So thank you universe!

In other news I’ve developed a cold so it’s hard to be super happy since I’m doing all the client set up work while creating a mountain of tissues.  It is ok, this weekend is much more mellow than last with just one birthday party and a tentatively planned trip to the pumpkin patch and sewing of Halloween costumes.