This weekend made up for last weekend


nap – no sleeping but there is a resting girl

beard – it is not getting compliments, I fear it is here for a while

cat – still alive and getting checked out next week.  Kudos to Aminavast.

House – starting to look good every day, making progress on the black hole corners


This is going to be a bit of a brag, and, a very picture heavy post, but, I am super proud of my girls.  For the past few years, I’ve done the 5k at their school and they were my cheering section.  This year I was actually thinking about skipping (see my list of injury from last weekend) but Tuesday Niamh and Zoe were very excited to sign up and both promised they would run with me.  So I paid the fees and signed them up and crossed my fingers.

Both girls ran!  We started in the front of the group and stayed pretty consistent.  We passed people even.  At mile 1 we had a 9min pace and that was about where Zoe asked just how long this run would be.  There is no way to really describe a distance to a kid, they just have to experience it.  I was very confident that they could both do a mile, it was the second and third that were a question.



waiting on the 8am start line


Mile 2 we still stuck together.  I downloaded some music the night before and played it out loud for the run since setting them up with music and headphones was just not going to work.  I got ‘kids bob’ so I knew it was unoffensive and I think the others generally around us also enjoyed it. Toward the second half of the second mile, Zoe needed some walking breaks so Niamh took off with the gym teacher who was at our pace for a while.  Niamh finished in 32 minutes and 59 seconds!  She said she only walked a tiny bit and that has to be true because 33min is good even for an adult!



running girls!


Mile 3 was hard on Zoe, but, she kept going.  I think she was bored as much as anything.  The weather was perfect, we sang and skipped and I helped her run the majority of mile 3 and we finished in 36min.  I could have gone faster alone, but, I was very happy to run with my kids.  Lars and stroller Fiona finished 1st of the walking group so everyone had a good start to the day.

Saturday started early with that 5k and continued strong.  Lars went to workout and the kids wanted to ride bikes. They rode around the block for nearly 2 hours straight. They now officially have the hang of bike riding.  I was quite tempted to take everyone to the pool so we could have a triathalon, but, we already had plans to go apple picking.


We went picking at our favorite local orchard.  I like that its free to get in, the hay ride is inexpensive, the store is not overly tempting, and the apples are awesome.  It is also very ‘no fuss’ and really only has a few extras but it makes a perfect afternoon.  We brought friends with us so for this particular outing, we outnumbered the kids 2:1.

Apple picking was not the end of the day.  We had a games night planned so the kids got dinner and then too much tv and we had a bunch of friends over.  By 9pm I was yawning but I powered through!



please note my giant table extension that I made this week.


Sunday we were lazy for the morning but we had plans to meet up with an old friend who moved south of the cities.  We met at a midway point at the Mississippi river dam park and it is a wonderful place for kids with bikes.  There was a good ride across the river and down and around to a park with plenty of picnic areas.  The kids had not seen each other for almost 3 years and they were shy to start but by the end, there was “love yous!” and hugs for all.



8 years and still friends!


We called the day a little bit early because everyone was having a good time but it looked like we were coming up to the end of good behavior.  I love when we make the right call because 10 min out of the park it started pouring, and, all 3 kids were asleep in the car.  Since we happened to be by our mecca of a fabric store we stopped in and procured fabric for 3 Halloween costumes BUT I can’t officially talk about them until after tomorrow because that is my sisters birthday, and that is the rule.


So busy, so fun, so outside and athletic and just a good weekend.  In between things we ate and cleaned and got some things done for each activity but in general it was a recharging energizing weekend.



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