Archive | September 17, 2016

Week 1 complete!


Sleeping – maybe someday but not today (or this week)

naps – Fiona took one on her own!  all the other days she was a mess or crashed somewhere.  PreK is hard work.

Workouts – actually got in 2 solid ones this week

bathwater – they are actually getting better at doing this alone but I need a 10min timer for each or its a 3 hour extravaganza.  Also… Zoe likes cold baths?  Crazy kid.


This was a very very long week.  I feel like every day is 4 days.  There is my morning day where I get up and get ready and make between one and three lunches and snacks and then drive the carpool (that is going well btw) and get home again and start part 2 of the day.  Depending on the day I either have a ‘normal’ parenting day, or, a free floating get all the things done no kid day (still not used to those) but this part of the day is unique because of how quiet it is.  Part 3 begins when the kids appear home again and I think the musical ‘bring in the noise, bring in the funk’ (aside from a musical journey of African American history in

Part 3 begins when the kids appear home again and I think the musical ‘bring in the noise, bring in the funk’ (aside from a musical journey of African American history in the us) was possibly an ode to kids coming home.  3 separate stories told at 110% volume with all the comedy and tragedy you can handle.  Juggling the needs of the 3 is an ever evolving process when there is only 1 of me.  Cookies help.  I probably get bad mom points for letting them dunk in my coffee (and then drink half) but I know I need some caffeine around 4 and I’m too lazy to make tea.  Although tea might be a good idea now that I think about it.  This part of the day is technically only from 3:45 to about 8:30/9pm but those 4-5 hours seriously feel like a whole day.  There is play, there is clean up, there are 2 feedings (snack and dinner), reading time, there is bath time and books and shows and some nights jujitsu or a workout and some nights girl scouts and you get the picture.

Part 4 of the day is semi post child.  I can’t wait for the day when bed time is bed time and they magically get put away in their box and don’t come out until 7am.  The bedtime box seems to have holes right now so we can’t watch Walking Dead until after 10 when we are sure they are actually asleep.  Lars and I still eat sans children most nights, it just more relaxing to put them to bed and then eat.  Dinner and then grown up TV and conversation about the day or the show or the news.  Time when my brain can move on from cleaning or Dora and think about other things.  This week I actually went to a SchoolBoard subcommittee and a PTO meeting so it felt like my brain was eating  candy there was so much good stuff going on!  I hate to short change my time with Lars (or other adults) because it is also when I get to recharge so I always end up pushing it until 11:30 and in bed steal a few more minutes to read my book so I usually see midnight most nights.

It is a full and crazy day, almost every day.  Summer long days are a different brand.  With such different segments each day it feels like Fiona started school 3 weeks ago instead of 5 days ago.  In a few weeks the routine will be more routine but right now there is a certain shine to the novelty of everything.

Now on to the weekend.  Another subroutine we need to tweak for the school year.  The autumn weather is being perfect so we need to take advantage but we also need to work in all the things displaced by school.  And now I need to go make lunch and I apparently the cat is stuck to the bed?  The fun never stops, just gets suspiciously quiet sometimes.