Archive | September 2, 2016

Super quick update


Alive – everyone, even the cat

sane – unsure…


So this last week has had some challenges.  Being a split week with grandma here divided things up and we went out and did fun things, but, fun things also make them tired and cranky so behavior was not on point.  Or maybe after months together they just know what buttons to push.  I personally have been running on next to no sleep this week because someone who will remain nameless, has reverted to infant like middle of the night needs so my scant 5 hours of sleep now includes 3 awake times where I have to re put to bed a child.  I actually got a babysitter so I could nap today…


Otherwise, the kids are excited for school.  We went to the open house and we went to many stores to fulfill the list of school items.  Why can I get 99% in one place but the final item is nowhere?  3 stores to get 1 6in ruler.  Since I am a compulsive price comparison person from my years of sourcing, Walmart won best price and selection, Target was a close second and if you coupon wrangle maybe better, and, they had more cute things but less total options, and as always the dead last loser was Office Max although their selection was still quite robust (wonder why).  We did get the 6in ruler there and they had a good backpack selection but even with their 50% off sale a quick google of the backpack Zoe liked found it on amazon for 30% of the ‘listed cost’ AND came with headphones.


I had more to say but had to deal with cat poop and a shoe and now it is time to go to our normal Friday night get together.  Three cheers for routine! (no cheers for cat)