Not at Pennsic and not at home

Yesterday we left PA and arrived in NY at my parents house and during the drive we saw obscene temps of 100 degrees.  Pennsic this year was extremely warm and humid and I am glad that my opinion on the sticky icky weather was validated because every other person who has commented on the event #1 comment was the hellish heat.  I felt like I, yet again, semi evolved my pennsic experience.  For me, Pennsic has been a constant event but one that my participation area has changed over time from child playing to teen hanging out to young adult camping and partying to being part of a young couple and then a queen and then a mom and this year I took on a ton of the organization of my camp of about 40.

I was thinking about the friends that have come and gone over the years due to pennsic.  Seeing someone once a year for a week or two forges a really nice relationship but one that is not the same as the people I see all the time.  Sometimes those once a year friendships evolve and sometimes they disappear because like any friendship they take some effort to keep.  I’m happy to say I made some new friends this year – the husband of someone I renewed friendship with last year, the people that helped out as ‘camp minions’ and I strengthened relationships with others in camp too.  I sadly realized that the group I was super close with for years, years ago, has gone far enough in another direction that I’m just not part of the group at all, and, I also found out about some behind my back nonsense that has apparently been going on for years so that person has been unfriend without ceremony.  I think I’m net neutral and I’m very happy about the new people and not all that sad about the lost ones so call that a win.

Here in NY I’m working on getting into vacation part 2 where I hope to see some local friends and family.  I am not here long enough to feel like I live here this time but that also means that there is more urgency so setting up outings.  I hope to also relax and go to the beach because this has been a fun summer but not a relaxing one 🙂  I’m not sure how I feel about not being home yet but I am glad to be visiting my parents and sister.


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