notes from Pennsic


Bathwater – surprisingly clean actually, grassy nice site.

Weather – hot, hot, wet, hot but nice 🙂

Beard – We have come to the land of its people, everyone here is on the beard bandwagon


We arrived after a looooong drive that was only a little big extra long because of rain and construction but there is no way that 13 hours is a short drive.  One day is all it really takes if you are motivated and we were, so we got here after a mere 15 hours.  Big shout out to Indiana and there NO RESTSTOP policy – they are literally piles of rubble – but hey, we drove faster to get to a potty.


The first few days were setup as normal but it was really nice to have Lars and Konrad (his BFF) to help this year.  It was a rain dodging couple days but we were lucky overall and now I feel set up.  There is a new internet cafe and that is where I’m hiding because I have the best babysitter ever and I’m living the life with 3 free hours a day!  I’m enjoying seeing who I see and not driving myself crazy to go find everyone.  If your reading this and coming to (or are at) pennsic I’m in X1, right near the west gate, and you can see my banner from the road. Consider this an invite!


I’m trying to take pictures but I just don’t tend to here but those I am taking are on Instagram (see the side bar of this site).  I’ll also try and pop a few up here for those who are curious about what Pennsic is, although, google it and you will get way better info overall and lots of pretty pictures.


My client was kind and sent his things early so I’m already done with my work and now I get to go back to play.  Hope you all are enjoying your August too.


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