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Kinda home but in limbo

We officially got back to the state of MN on Friday at 6pm local time.  Not our fastest land speed record but we took our time.

First, we detoured south to go to Sesame Place.  It was hot and crowded but we had a good time anyway.  The age range is odd, there are a few things for big kids, a few for babies, a few in the middle and all ages so nobody is left out but nobody is overwhelmed with options either.  I think my 6 year old was the most suited to the park.

Instead of going back to long island, an island guarded by high tolls and epic traffic, not to mention a troll of a state surrounding it (new jersey) – we had escape velocity and went west to stay at a friends house.  It totally rocks to have friends all over the country because there is nothing better than a comfortable bed and great conversation.

Onward through the great state of Pa and around lunch we figured out that we would be right near another friend’s place at a very nice time to stop and take a run around.  We have talked about visiting for years since she is super close to pennsic but pennsic is so all encompassing that we never leave site.  It was fun to see her, and the farm, and it was a fantastic surprise to meet her son at school and shock him with seeing his friends.  It was 2 hours well spent, but, not the way to get cross country fast.

That night we stayed in the family suite and it was totally worth the extra $40 to have bunk beds with nightlights as well as a king bed and a pull out sofa and a ton of space and a table and microwave and sink etc.  On our way early for the long slog through Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconson and FINALLY home.  Sleeping in my own bed was really nice but not as restful as I expected because I kept being confused about where I was.

The road trip was not ‘easy’ but it also wasn’t really bad for 1500 miles in a small metal box with 3 kids.  My mom drove, I parented, and together we made it.  I think we have the process down pretty well now with food etc but it is just long.

Weekend was decompressing, unpacking, laundry, getting Lars re acquainted with just how loud kids can be and visiting the local sights with mom who will be here a few more days.  IMG_0118

That leads us to today, the last week of summer.  I can’t really get us ‘back on schedule’ because there isn’t one quite yet.  Seems silly to get back in the swing of MN summer because it is nearly over and can’t get onto school yet because its a week away.  I hope to enjoy (minimum survive) the next 8 days before school.

Living on the beaches

I promise we also do dull stuff like feed them and make them sleep but there is a ton of friends and play. 


Looking forward to 5 more days and then a good trip home. 

Not at Pennsic and not at home

Yesterday we left PA and arrived in NY at my parents house and during the drive we saw obscene temps of 100 degrees.  Pennsic this year was extremely warm and humid and I am glad that my opinion on the sticky icky weather was validated because every other person who has commented on the event #1 comment was the hellish heat.  I felt like I, yet again, semi evolved my pennsic experience.  For me, Pennsic has been a constant event but one that my participation area has changed over time from child playing to teen hanging out to young adult camping and partying to being part of a young couple and then a queen and then a mom and this year I took on a ton of the organization of my camp of about 40.

I was thinking about the friends that have come and gone over the years due to pennsic.  Seeing someone once a year for a week or two forges a really nice relationship but one that is not the same as the people I see all the time.  Sometimes those once a year friendships evolve and sometimes they disappear because like any friendship they take some effort to keep.  I’m happy to say I made some new friends this year – the husband of someone I renewed friendship with last year, the people that helped out as ‘camp minions’ and I strengthened relationships with others in camp too.  I sadly realized that the group I was super close with for years, years ago, has gone far enough in another direction that I’m just not part of the group at all, and, I also found out about some behind my back nonsense that has apparently been going on for years so that person has been unfriend without ceremony.  I think I’m net neutral and I’m very happy about the new people and not all that sad about the lost ones so call that a win.

Here in NY I’m working on getting into vacation part 2 where I hope to see some local friends and family.  I am not here long enough to feel like I live here this time but that also means that there is more urgency so setting up outings.  I hope to also relax and go to the beach because this has been a fun summer but not a relaxing one 🙂  I’m not sure how I feel about not being home yet but I am glad to be visiting my parents and sister.

Second week of Pennsic

Bath – grimy but hey, we do have a shower

weather – hot with a side of humid and scattered storms in the midnight zone

kids – all alive and happy

husband – home and working

cat – reports that he is still alive but does not like the dog-sitting in the house.  ps, he is bigger thank the dog


I’ve hit the point that I just feel like I live here.  There is an order to the days and nights that is almost more ordered than my normal day.  The kids are thoroughly adjusted to living in a tent (we are glamping really, not camping) and they love having kids in camp to play with.  The parent collective is doing well parenting the group and I hope to think that nobody is overwhelmed.


Unfortunately, today is also the mark of the real last full day of just ‘being’ here.  Soon lists need to be made about how to put this all back in the box.  There are still a few days of fun but if you leave all the packing to the end you get;

a. completely overwhelmed and frustrated

b. 75% of the camp will leave early after doing nothing to help the larger setup.


As to item A my plan is to start packing up laundry in the cooler hours tonight and things we are not using night by night.  As to item B I brought up the situation to the people who might not have given much thought to what they can/should do to help the group.  The only thing positive about me having a 15h drive to pennsic is that anyone who gives me the “I have a long drive” sad story about why they need to leave 2 days early can get a big helping of No Pity Pie from me as I.  Realistically, most people will help if asked but either assume it isn’t needed or, they just don’t think about it because they are not ‘in charge’.  Not the ideal situation – ideal would be a crew of beautiful and competent men would whisk everything away with ease and grace but lets not hold our breath on that.  My thought is that given notice and time to think about how to help AND that help is needed, people will come through.

So other than a bit of minor drama it has been a pretty easy time and every year we get older and better and more dialed in on the plan.  The kids are finding more things that are fun for them, Niamh even won a tournament yesterday and was super happy.  Today is the major kid water battle and kid fun stuff so it will be a happy afternoon and hopefully the weather moderates itself and quits being a sauna out there because that would make a good vacation even better.


Night life

Went out with vacation mom tonight for a great time. All is well here and we are having fun 

    Art and science you can eat is the best

notes from Pennsic


Bathwater – surprisingly clean actually, grassy nice site.

Weather – hot, hot, wet, hot but nice 🙂

Beard – We have come to the land of its people, everyone here is on the beard bandwagon


We arrived after a looooong drive that was only a little big extra long because of rain and construction but there is no way that 13 hours is a short drive.  One day is all it really takes if you are motivated and we were, so we got here after a mere 15 hours.  Big shout out to Indiana and there NO RESTSTOP policy – they are literally piles of rubble – but hey, we drove faster to get to a potty.


The first few days were setup as normal but it was really nice to have Lars and Konrad (his BFF) to help this year.  It was a rain dodging couple days but we were lucky overall and now I feel set up.  There is a new internet cafe and that is where I’m hiding because I have the best babysitter ever and I’m living the life with 3 free hours a day!  I’m enjoying seeing who I see and not driving myself crazy to go find everyone.  If your reading this and coming to (or are at) pennsic I’m in X1, right near the west gate, and you can see my banner from the road. Consider this an invite!


I’m trying to take pictures but I just don’t tend to here but those I am taking are on Instagram (see the side bar of this site).  I’ll also try and pop a few up here for those who are curious about what Pennsic is, although, google it and you will get way better info overall and lots of pretty pictures.


My client was kind and sent his things early so I’m already done with my work and now I get to go back to play.  Hope you all are enjoying your August too.