Bathwater; mud – not even joking, all hail the hand spray.

Project output – lost track the piles are staggering

beard – despite the ‘event’ it was hanging out for now being complete, it is still residing on chin.  It does look pretty good at least

behavior – I give them a collective 8 today.

Workouts – packing and cleaning are my workout.


I’m leaving for a month.  A MONTH in 3 days.  Want to know what I did today?  I took apart the sink drain.  Why?  Because two weeks ago the faucet got critical and we replaced it but that required a total clean out of the sink cabinet.  All the things got shoved in a box in the corner and today I felt that I needed to put them away.  However… the sink has been draining slowly and with NOTHING in the way, those pipes were just so tempting to take apart.  Boy was it disgusting in there, I felt like I could have taken a picture and claimed it was a clogged artery and nobody would have doubted me.  Nothing more than normal gack so that was good, but still, gack is yuck but now its gone and the sink drain is like underwater tornado now.  This is why I need a week to pack…

It also hit me that we were slacking on our summer bucket list and a playdate with one of Zoe’s friends was high on the list.  We have seen a good bunch of one BFF but nothing of the other since she was on vacation for a chunk of the July so today was pretty much the only way.  Yippie for cell phones and flexible parents because by 2pm we had a 4th girl in the mix.  They played nicely, including making an epic mud mess and then I showered them all because you can’t return a kid that dirty and ever expect parents to bring her over again.IMG_9764

Adding an extra kid, as usual, did good things.  Her impending arrival gave motivation to the crew to actually finish picking up the room I’ve been telling them to for a week.  A solid 10min and it was back to decent!  With a playmate they bopped from activity to activity with me interrupting to check on them but always bringing a bottle of water or bouquet of ice pops or a bunch of fruit… feeding them keeps them happy.  I was able to finish collecting all the clothing from various corners of the house as well as really set up the guest room and clean the bathrooms.  I can’t say I’m packed but my list is looking good and I have 2 boxes done and plans to tackle the rest tomorrow.

The puzzle as always is, I’m not just going on one trip, I’m going on two.  I’m going to a giant SCA (history reenacting) camping event and then for 2 weeks with my Long Island family where we need regular clothing and swim stuff etc.  I’ve done it plenty of times just need to fit the parts and pieces together the best way.  I also get to do all this while parenting and doing random plumbing projects…

Tomorrow I have a bunch of running around to do, I’m doing a bit of a management job at the camping portion of the trip so I need odd bits for that.  Library, bank, post office – the stay at home mom trifecta but I also need WalMart and to drop off school forms.  My mothers helper is in tomorrow afternoon so my goal is to put away all sewing, pack what I can and stage in the garage in prep for Thursday when it all gets put into the car.  We decided to actually do the trip in one shot so we are leaving early on Friday.

Over the next few weeks like other years there will be much fewer words and more pictures but I hope to hop on one more time before I go.


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    Have a lovely time!


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