A ‘normal’ week!


nap – Fiona won’t submit but really should.  Crab by 6pm

kids – great all weekend, saved all their bad for today

workout – last week I ran around the world, not the gym

bathwater – I thought it was bad in the past, post camping the water was opaque.


The first camping trip of the season was an absolute success.  We got there on time, we had a little trouble finding our spot because what was a road on the map was a campsite in reality but there was a path so we made it work.  Vacation friend is really good at backing up cars, I completely yield all backing up duties to her.  Our two tent set up was quite nice but I did end up with 2 kids in my bed.  I have to say, I think rogue chiropractors invented and prop up the air mattress industry to drum up business…

I had some vague fears about a camp with 16 kids but it worked out really well.  We had critical mass so we just attracted other kids and they all got along and played or had options to just play with someone else.  The fact I brought an extra mothers helper made my life 100x easier and she had a good time too.  I love win-win situations.

It had to rain for the morning of packing up but the weather was really great all the other days and I have not seen so many stars in ages.  The site reminds me of Pennsic when I was little and I’m glad to give my kids a similar experience.

Today was on the bottom side.  It was probably too many late nights but they just forgot how to listen.  Even when I said yes to something they asked 3x?  My mood was not stellar to start and only got worse with each bout of idiocy.  Let’s hope tomorrow is better because it can’t be worse.  My plan for tomorrow is to not leave and just catch up on stuff.

Speaking of catching… I downloaded Pokemon go.  Since Fiona was a crab I put her in the car after dinner to cruise the ingress spots I know and I saw dozens of kids out playing.  I’m so glad that the get out and go game concept is so popular 🙂  I am mostly button mashing right now with no idea what I’m doing but I talked to one other mom and I’m dialing in my game so tomorrow maybe we can do a walk with the girls and they can play.  That is if they behave!  I’m also going to my moms night out so I have that glimmer to hold on to.

Now I must go fold the laundry.  I didn’t actually fold last weeks so there is quite a bit to fold.  This week has all the days though (last week and the week before were both so short) so I think I’ll get back some ground.


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