Back and going again


Sleep – I think I’m caught up, if that exists

house – looks like I was gone for 3 days

bathwater – I think I saw a stick in someones hair

Travel – Home from NY, aiming at WI


The weekend away was really nice.  I picked a really hectic travel schedule to maximize time with people but that did cut into the time I’m usually asleep.  On the bright side all things went well or even better than planned.  Got to NY at 1am (late) but managed the trams etc and my last post had me meeting my sister who flew in from Hawaii and that all worked out just fine.  We took a taxi and a train and then a car and finally arrived.  I then went on a boat just to round things out, hitting all the transport methods possible in 24hours.

Visiting with no kids was weird because I had nothing to do.  No hand to hold, no person to make sure was ok.  That isn’t to say my kids didn’t call frequently…. Niamh figured out facetime and would pop up all the time to say hi.  They had a good time here too and vacation friend did a great job of subbing in as a mom.


The wedding itself was very nice.  I knew more people than I expected, I talked to quite a few new people and they were all intelligent and interesting.  My cousin is marrying into a good crew.  I did some crazy swing dancing with a cousin who is practicing regularly and I had to recall my dusty knowledge of lessons years ago.  We looked ok I heard, I didn’t get (too) dizzy and he gets all the credit for being a good leader.  I wish Lars liked to dance but it was fun to just jump in and do it too.


Getting home we planned for massive holiday traffic but there really was nothing and I got there so early I was there before the airline check in desk was even there.  JFK seems to be doing a new thing with security – they ‘gate’ checked my carry on at the desk so I only had a backpack and then I was directed into a security line that had me take out and off nothing.  I was through that line in under 5 min from walking into the cattle shoot to walking away into the inner realms of JFK.  I have a feeling with security issues now happening outside security they want to get people through as fast as possible.

I got to JFK with 5k steps and decided to get up to 10 so I walked around the whole place 3x.  Definitely not the biggest terminal I’ve ever been it (they split them up into 5 buildings) was interesting enough to walk around.  I got overpriced and underwhelming sushi and ate it at a nice central table with a charging spot.  We boarded exactly on time and I sat in my seat and nearly immediately fell asleep.  That was my power nap because we landed at 11:25pm and between one thing and another we didn’t get home until 1am and I was promptly woken up by children at 6am.

The 4th of July is an odd holiday.  I like it, I like what it stands for, but we ended up with a fairly quiet day because I was so tired and so many things needed to be done.  I rallied early to make the breakfast and hang out with the kids and since it was only 80 degrees we headed out to the parade.  Post parade I slept and after dinner we went to the tiny carnival that comes to town for the 4th.  No fireworks – it takes too long to get dark here and I didn’t want to deal with bugs and traffic and kids so I put 3 mad kids to bed hearing fireworks (that were neighbors doing little loud things) with promises of going to a fireworks later in the summer.  I was in bed by 10:30 and this morning I hit the ground running.



Niamh and Zoe on the left, Zoe and Fiona on the right.  Same exact dragon in both.


I would say I have no idea what day it is but in reality I’m all too aware that I only have 3 days before a big camping trip.  Today we did the shopping, tomorrow I’ll pre-cook and pack and more of the same on Thursday.  In there I hope to also work out because that has not happened in a week.  I did get a bunch of odd things done like the MOMS club annual report but I wish there was a pause button for the world because I have things to do but I also don’t want to miss anything so I can sit and do them.  My 85 days of summer is zooming by!

Ok, time is ticking and I want to arrange camps for later this month for the girls.  I might not get them in but worth a shot.


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