Another new year to celebrate

Today is my dear husbands birthday.  He is seldom mentioned here because he is a professional with a professional job and other than the status of his beard (and that is public because its on his face) I tend to keep him off the page.

This birthday he wanted to spend the day with us.  He took the day off, we moved Fiona’s daycare day to Friday (and that works out nicely because I will be in NY), I pre did my work for clients I usually do on Wednsdays and we took off!  I started the day by taking the kids out grocery shopping because A. it needed to be done and B. he could sleep in.  We then showered him with gifts.  Shopping for him is not easy because he either just gets the quirky thing he wants, or, he doesn’t want it.  We got him some fancy candy, some mole, a cool breadboard, 4 new t-shirts and a new workout shirt, 2 pints of cherries, a pineapple, a nifty cellphone thing for the car since his new one is too big for the old mount and a fancy fancy bike rack.  He loved them all.

We went to the zoo and hopped around to all the things we like.  The kids were decently behavied and we left before it became a mess.  Key to parenting – know when the goings good!  Instead of zoo icecream we waited to go to the shop in town and its going to just be a double icecream day because I made him an icecream cake too.

Maybe some friends will come over, maybe not, but I think it was a good day filled with kids and perfect weather and no timeline and double icecream.  He will probably never read this because he lives with me so he just talks to me if he wants to know something, but for the record I’m glad to have spent 14480 of your 341640 hours on earth with you.


Ps. and with this, birthday season is finally over, 4 birthdays in a row.

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One response to “Another new year to celebrate”

  1. fancypaperblog says :

    Sounds like ye gave him a wonderful day!


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