Share your world week 25

Been a while but I have a little computer time this fine Sunday.  No… I shouldn’t be sewing or cleaning or chasing kids into bed….


Once a week Cee posts a list of questions and would like us to answer.  I love reading hers and other peoples so if you did this exercise too let me know.

How many languages do  you speak?  Really just English.  American English to be exact.  I can speak enough Spanish to get along in Mexico but I’m not brokering any business deals with stakes greater than dinner or grocery shopping.  I speak enough Russin to ask people in Russia if they speak English, or, “is this your ____ ” (noun, I know maybe 30).  I can actually understand more of these two languages then I can make words come out of my mouth but saying I’m bilingual would really be pushing it.  I can also say hello and thank you and a few little phrases in Chinese and Japanese – yeah business travel!

What are some words that just make you smile? I can’t think of any right now that are just happy words but it reminds me of the “eeee” sound theory.  Words that have a prominent eee sound make your face smile like ‘cheese’.  It was one of the considerations of my kids names; Neeve (phonetic, it’s really spelled Niamh), ZoE, and FEEona (also phonetic).  Even when I’m not calling their name in abject joy, there is a smile on my face.

If you were the original architect of one existing building, which building would you select? So many awesome buildings out there but I think I would go with one of the great churches.  One that has meaning to where the sun hits for the different dates.

Would you rather have telepathy or telekinesis?  (Telepathy is the communication using your brain waves, telekinesis is channeling the energy onto physical objects to cause substantial, observable physical changes.) Hard choice – I think telepathy.



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