Lyme disease


weather – again with the perfect, why am I inside?

workout – they are mini, but I’m getting them where I can.  

bathwater – sunblock and bug spray scented.  and no, swimming does not count as a bath child that will remain nameless.


I’m sure you have heard of red car syndrome.  Think about red cars and then nearly every one you see will suddenly be red.  Just hearing about something once makes you prone to note future times more BUT I swear, lyme is just jumping up in my life suddenly.

*** As far as I know none of my kids or my husband or myself has it** this is for info and public service purposes!

Lets roll back to 1987 or 1988.  I was 7 or 8, I was a girl scout and general active kid and one day I started telling my mom my knees hurt.  I know how she feels, 45x a day a kid tells me something about something that may or may not have any basis in reality.  She told me that I was growing.  Lucky for me actually, at my cousins christening party my knee swelled up to the size of a softball and there was no reason for it so to the Dr for me.  Double lucky for me the doctor, who actually was awesome in many ways, had just read about a weird new thing and how about we test for Lymes while we test for a dozen other terrible things.  Guess what!  Lymes!  I had Lymes disease before it was cool 😉  before they really had a good idea about treatment so they just tossed the kitchen sink at me and I was not allowed to put weight on the joint and I took a ton of antibiotics.  There are plenty of things from when I was 8 that I don’t ever need to remember -but lymes made an impression.

Fast forward to today.  2 people I know really well are finally getting diagnoses of lymes and another is going to talk to her Dr because it fits the symptoms of ignoring it for years.

That is the thing, joint pain and swelling in a kid will be looked at.  Joint pain and swelling in an adult will be explained away.  The bulls eye rash isn’t always there and after a while, it just festers in your system and will hang out causing problems for years and years.  The disease is fairly contained to the upper midwest and the north east of the US but if you went there and got out of your car at any point, consider the possibility that unless you fell playing basketball yesterday – that chronic swelling is maybe not caused by you just being old.  Worth a check at least.


So that is my public service announcement because all 3 people in my life right now had to ask their doctor about it. Leaving it alone will make it way worse and now its in your mind so you are more likely to think about it when a friend who just got back from camping is griping that their joints hurt and isn’t getting old so annoying….


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