Week 2 of summer

Weather – 75 and perfect!   We had a storm blow through and take all the sticky away

Kids – getting better with the new way

Naps – Ha!

Workouts – better because the Y is open and they love it.


Last week felt more busy than a normal week, so much for lazy summer, maybe we will get some lazy in August?  The big deal of the week ended up being the yard sale that we participated in.  I put a few things in, odd baby things and an old Xbox and 3 dozen games – enough to make it worth the trip to the group sale but nowhere near enough to host my own.  The woman hostessing is also super pregnant so I did NOT want her stuck doing a 3 day sale solo so I made it clear to all the ladies that we needed to be there with her and luckily the 3 others that had major amounts of things volunteered right away so I was putting myself down for a couple hours a day just to be helpful.  No big deal really.

However… Niamh really really wanted to run the charity bake sale that I was making cupcakes for and pestered me into going for 6 hours or more all 3 days!  It was actually really fun to hang out with the group and the kids played and we sold stuff and Niamh and the older kids sold $300 of stuff all to go to the church food shelf.  She did not let anyone walk past without politely asking what they would like to buy to help benefit the food shelf.  It’s hard to resist a sweet kid, but, the best part was when someone would hardcore bargain over a $1.50 item in the sale and then drop $2 on the bake sale.  More than one person just donated their change but plenty were happy for a cold bottle of water or juice or ice pop not to mention cupcakes and cookies galore.  Good lesson for the kids on marketplace and charity plus kept them busy while we chatted.


After 3 days using all our unplanned time at a yard sale and a pretty full Monday, I spent half the weekend getting all the things done I normally do during the days.  I also took the first bite of the whale and started my sewing for Pennsic.  Last year I got off easy because the kids fit most everything but this year between growing and working out Niamh does not fit much anymore.  I also need some new things since it has been years since I did any of my stuff but I won’t be naked if I don’t make more so Niamh is a priority.  Happy to report I can still bang out a nice 15th-century dress in 2 hours – not included in that time though is pulling out the machines and finding the fabric and clearing the tables etc…

Oh!  and it was also Fathers day!  Lars celebrated by working until 4am and then sleeping until 11.  He did get to take a really nice long bike ride and we all went to the Y and he played in the pool with the girls while I worked out.  Niamh and Zoe passed the swim test with flying colors and have the run of the pool area, and, I don’t need to be within arms reach!  So nice a system… they really can swim and it isn’t that large a place but being able to let them go and just sitting near Fiona makes it a very easy plan for an afternoon.

This week is the week where Fiona has a camp every morning and Niamh and Zoe continue tennis.  We did the meal planning again together and we have something every single night but the weekend is plans free (ie. do all the stuff at home).  We are working on getting a routine but summers are just not all about routines.  Something about being light out until 9pm makes you want to be outside far too long and remembering dinner is still hard so bed times are harder still 🙂


Ok, this was all written and semi edited in the time of one tv show and now they want me.  I should also keep sewing and maybe clean and I told the kids if they finished the daily list we could go to the Y so we will see if that happens.  Hope you all had good weekends too!


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One response to “Week 2 of summer”

  1. fancypaperblog says :

    Had a humidity cleansing storm here too. It was great really!!


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