Getting used to eachother

Weather – warm but cloudy, a pretty nice combo for avoiding sunblock

Nap – I might never see another…

Bath color – cherry colored, I think they ate a pound and look like they are wearing warpaint.

Workouts – very behind, between gyms, new schedule… I did get an outside run on Sunday


I’m sure to all of you not in my tiny niche of life are wondering why there is such angst around this time of year.  My working parent friends have a minor taste but once they figure out the school day alternative they go to work as normal and kids keep rolling in the same type of way they did during the school year.  My friends with little kids see no change beyond needing sunblock because they are very used to shepherding their circus around (I used to be there).  My friends with older or adult children see no change except in their seasonal selection of cocktails – now is the season for wheat beer and mojito!

My little group is undergoing a remix where 3 girls that had 3 nearly separate lives for 9 months are now shuffled back together.  Fiona has no quiet time, Niamh and Zoe have lost the framework of their day.  I need to remember to feed them at regular intervals.  We are not a mess, but we are refiguring it out and like a major cleaning project; things tend to look really bad before they get put back together right.

Today we had our first tennis lesson, I think they liked it.  We went to 2 different grocery stores after and by the end of that my nerves were frazzled.  This is the first grocery trip with 3 kids in forever!  Each one of them pulled out their particular brand of ‘wtf’ but we made it through and had a nice long lecture in the car home.  Good thing it was a short ride…

I can’t just gripe.  We are doing some fun things that are working well.  I got this treasure hunt reading book for Zoe and she ADORES it.  The book is a set of pull out clues that you fold up and hide around the house where they say, most easy rating for parents, and the clues are written in a way that reinforces reading skills.  The forward of the book explains it well but between repeating words, pictures, and increasing difficulty it is a great buy.


Niamh and Zoe also did all the meal plan for kid dinners this week.  Niamh is cooking tonight and they had a fun time picking recipes and making grocery lists.  One of Niamh’s real challenges is reading out loud so this is a sneaky way to get her to.

I’m also super glad I did the work on the yard to make it fun.  They are on the swing set all the time and in the play house super often.  The next addition might be a tennis ball on a string?  I’m wondering if that will lead to racquet-to-face tears…  The garden is looking well because I’m outside with them and that is probably good for us all.  Yesterday we had a friend over, who will be over the majority of Mondays, and together they decided that we have to go to as many different parks as possible on Mondays.  I like that they are making goals together and that is one I can get behind!

We also have a list of things we want to do, getting to them all will be a challenge, but hopefully, they will all start listening and stop fighting over every little thing and we will have plenty of time for fun.  Some of the big projects on the list are super big tetris the house puzzles because I need to swap rooms and wardrobes and that will take a big chunk of time.  I also need to get ready for two big SCA camping trips and while they are weeks out, I need that much lead time to actually get things done.  My hope is that this remix gels quickly and we can either be a team, or, a group of individuals but either way is better than oil and water and firecrackers.

Next up is garage sale prep.  I’m taking a baby step into the venture by joining a friends neighborhood sale so I’m not resposible for a whole lot.  Getting them to part with anything is not really happening but baby steps…


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