I’m in a pivot

Today is my last Wednsday with zero kids until September because tomorrow is the last day of school.

This weekend I need to be in litterly 3 places at once, what a way to start the ‘relaxing’ time of year!

I feel like all the things right now are on a turning axis, we are pivoting toward summer but we are trapped in the last bits of the school year.  Lunch must still be packed, folders must still be checked but we are already in the summer mandate of ‘wash your feet!’ because barefoot is the mode of the day.  It is an uncomfortable place for me who likes the plan and the routine.  I don’t want to morn the loss of the school year, half the reason I stayed home was to be here for them!  I do however have fear of the loss of my kid/life balance….  By next week I’m sure I’ll be back on track and I’ve spent far too long combing the activity lists to plot the entertaining yet not to busy summer.

In the big outline – I’m going to 2 weeks of camping in PA (Pennsic!!!) and 2 weeks of visiting in NY (Camp Grandma for us all) so the majority of August is mapped out.

June is already begun and I just regestered each child for one activity for June.

I have YMCA week long camps ready to discuss with them, and, a historical camp that Niamh wanted – I believe that they should want to go to these so I can’t make reservations until I actually get their input.  However, this should put a nice happening mid July.

We have plans with Vacation Mom to have her son 1x a week and tentative plans for a friends daughter that needs babysitting experence to be a mothers helper so I might have 5 kids at a time but one is supposed to be helpful.  We also have made friends with 3 neighborhood girls so there is no shortage of friends near by to play with.

On top of all that, we also have the reading program at the library, a membership to the brand new YMCA and a variety of parks and projects that are all over that are ours for the visiting not to mention MOMs club…

But right now, mid piviot, I’m dizzy.  Talk to me next week~


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2 responses to “I’m in a pivot”

  1. msmouse7 says :

    All I can say is “whew.” And applaud you!


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