Weekend progress 

Got the hose all woven in and  painted for both chairs and the cushion for one cut.

Sewing covers in progress.

I also ran a 5k today because it was local and was not raining. Didn’t do too badly for first race of the year.

And we went to Costco for all the things… Full day and got 12k steps even.


Update and more pictures;

For those who asked, the chair does get a cover!  I got a beach towel for $7 and it was huge enough to cover the entire chair.  I decided to make my seat cushion backless to accommodate the odd shape of the seat, and, to cut down on water trapping in the cushion.  I sewed a tube around the edge and put a ribbon through and cinched it tight. For me, the towel wrapped all around the edges and about an inch onto the bottom, the tube added about a half inch more.  It is not a pillow fight pillow but does ok sitting still on a chair.


I took the remainder of the towel, serged the raw edge, sewed it to the right width ** leaving the extra on either side to be padding **.  Added a loop to the back and an elastic tie to the front and filled it with all the offcuts of my pool noodles from the seat.


Overall I like the look and more importantly it feels pretty good to sit on 🙂



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