Super fast Other Kate installment

UK Kate is in charge of her company Christmas party (Holiday?  how picky is the UK about that)

UK Kate choose a very posh looking place with a very nice menu and party area.  Know how I know?  I get all her requests for confirmation from the resturant~

I dutifully emailed the place back when I got the first request for confirmation but today I got another that actually asked if she got the first one.  Um…. so yes, I wrote back again because I don’t want a Kate, no matter how poor her penmanship, to look like an idiot for not actually booking the Holiday party.  I can’t imagine a group of English office workers in cocktail attire expecting open bar would be a pretty mob on the street when they arrive and find no place for them… (actually, I can imagine and its funny but not kind so I do try and be kind)

The same Kate (I think) is also getting into the habit of getting e-receipts when she goes to lunch or shop.  UK Kate, you eat out too much!  How do I know?  guess….


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One response to “Super fast Other Kate installment”

  1. fancypaperblog says :

    That is quite a bit of power you weild! When I worked in UK the party was called a party. I also couldn’t believe how early they were organised. In Ireland, we are super happy to have a plan in November!
    Free bar in neither…I work in the wrong places..!


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