Archive | May 12, 2016

three things thursday

Oh my day was so full!  I could nearly put three smiles from just today!  I had an early morning at the dentist and while my teeth are still not so perfect (everyone needs a flaw 😉 the kids behaved beautifully and when you are taking a 3 and 5 year old to the dentist all bets are off.  Their teeth are all good so far.  Jet over to school* to drop off Zoe and then to the gym for a really good workout.  Home and home stuff and then out to an insurance meeting and then to a GirlScout event!  I kicked Lars out for a guy-game night and I’m home with kids asleep and the TV to myself.  I can’t help but do a little projecting but I do like that sort of thing…

Without further ado, here are my 3 selected smiles from a pretty good week overall**


  1. Crazy deck dwelling robins are reproducing.  IMG_8951
  2. Zoe, after a brief few months of going to bed with relative ease, is back at her “I’m not tired” visits 5x an evening.  The other day out of sheer exhaustion of her complaints of bedtime boredom, I told her to see how many cats she could fit on a piece of paper.  She asked “does it need to be the whole cat?” and I said no, draw whatever you like.  This is what she produced.  120 cats.  I’m pretty impressed by both the absolute graphic style and how many she seriously fit in there.  IMG_8980
  3. I like that I can have an idea for a banner and have all the things in the house to make it.  Scrapbook paper, paper cutter, paint, and vola!  “Happy BARKday Zoe” to fit the puppy theme.  I also sneak in my show; Gilmore Girls.  It is a show that just stands up well in my opinion and I’m thoroughly enjoying watching it and I hope it is still available when my girls are old enough because I’ll watch it again.IMG_8981



.* I have a habit of either NOT going to their school or going 2x in one day.  Dropped off Zoe AND had a GS event there tonight.  Always 2x, really weird….

** I’m leaving off Mothers day but that was a smile full day all by itself but it already got a post.

*** I almost put a picture of Mr Pink that Fiona took but too many other good things trump the fact that the cat is still alive, but, someone asked so yes – Mr Pink continues but the birds mock him because that nest is so cat vulnerable its silly and he has not noticed them yet.