The check marks


Weather – gray

nap – watching a show, good-nuff, she is actually in an excellent mood today 

House – getting party ready

Countdown to Zoe day; T-4


I don’t know about anyone else out there but sometimes my life feels like a “give a mouse a cookie” book.  There is even a mom version “If you give a mom a coffee” … but for those who don’t know the format it is a chain of activity type of book that one activity leads to another and another and none of them seem to get qute done on the way but they always resolve with “and then the mom will need a coffee”.  I am quite fine with multitasking – I put in the laundry and on the way back up take the dishes and while I’m in the kitchen I start the coffee and while the coffee drips I serve the breakfast and while they are pinned down with breakfast I brush their hair etc.  The not so good part is when it involves starting and finishing a project because between those two ends are a million other actions and only a fraction have to do with the project…

However!  The fun side to often being in the middle of many things is there are rare days when you actually finish a whole bunch of them.  The stars align and finishing happens!  Today is that day 🙂

  • I finally got 2 pieces of art hung
  • I finished this jewerly project where I reused an old mirror frame (gift from my grandparents) to hold a bunch of my jewerly in a pretty way
  • Got the curtains done (enough) – this project had me finding fabric, bending pipe to make the rod, and mounting the whole thing to the celing and than sewing the curtains and putting the all together and up.

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I also did a ton of other things today, no day is whithout a ton of things, but those make me happy to have them done!


I’ve also decided that Zoe’s birthday can’t be outside this weekend.  It will be sunny but cool so a few games outside but most inside.  Works for me, just turns my decorating decisions in a different direction and I’m fine with NOT hauling out all the chairs etc to the lawn for a garden party!


Thats today so far.  I’m hopeful to get a few other projects started and finished today (Ha!) but since the house was ‘party ready’ 2 weeks ago I don’t have too much to tackle this week.


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2 responses to “The check marks”

  1. Inveterate Iconoclast says :

    Juggling is the nature of the parenting beast. This process accelerates over time, for us peaking during the year we had a kid in the high school, the middle school, and an elementary school. While project completion is rewarding, it is easy to become distracted by looking to the product of your efforts, the party, the curtains, a certain meal, or bank balance or such. Believe it or not the days months and years sail by and the products shrink in significance as we get farther and farther away from them. The key is the process. James Taylor sang “..the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.” It’s not so much the three lunches that I pack every morning, as the time that I spend making them with the girls eating breakfast. Having fun and getting ready for the day, negotiating the disagreements over who is going great to wear which shoes, and togetherness of launching our days together is what’s memorable and important. Success is the continual journey towards predetermined worthwhile goals. It’s fantastic to hear about the goals (checkboxes) but it is the ups and downs along the way that form the basis of living.


    • kateluthner79 says :

      This is the longest and best comment ever! I totally agree that the moment is where it is at. I don’t usually complain about taking a year to finish a project because I don’t mind the process at all. There is joy to acknowledge to finishing though 🙂


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