Archive | May 9, 2016

Looking at another busy one

Up too early with the kids and Mondays are always a go-go-go day to get things going for the week.  We had a playdate and it wore Fiona out so much (or she was the reason I was up at 6:30) so we had to skip our other errands and come home.  I’m tired too so I might just nap while the laundry is doing and the bread is rising…


The week a head is crazy!  2 nights out for me and one of those includes the kids so they will be out almost every day this week.  Early morning apt for the dentist and Saturday is Zoe’s birthday party and Sunday is her real birthday so my ‘extra’ time needs to go to getting her things set.

I’m going to go while the going is good – hope everyone is having a productive Monday.