Archive | May 8, 2016

Happy Mothers day

In the US today is a holiday to celebrate Mom’s of all shapes, sizes and ages.  I woke up to sweet girls being shepherded out of the house so I could get some extra sleep.  They arrived back with my favorite bagel and coffee.


They played and I talked to my mom and then I went to the thrift store to slowly look at things while Fiona napped.  Came home to put the finishing touches on the playhouse because what better to do on mothers day than do something fun for your kids.  (I also really like checking things off my list)  Can’t say I won’t add things here or there as I see them but the only thing I really have left is maybe a flower box for the front but then I would have to put plants in it that would die and look gross so until I have a flower alternative I’m staying clear.


I just ran for 60min so I have earned the icecream I plan on going out for with the crew.  Only thing left is a family picture…


If you are interested this project cost about $50 but I already had some of the supplies and the fence structure. I’m also lucky that my space was 8×8 and pretty much every thing just worked with that.


  • 1 4x4x8 ($8)
  • 2 2x2x8 (1.50 ea)
  • 3 8x1x8 ($3ish ea)

Painters canvas drop cloth ($13)

Indoor outdoor rug in a truly boring color ($9)

Outdoor poly ($13) <- got the small container and I have TONS left

Curtains from the thrift store ($6)

Curtain rod from the thrift store ($2)

I already had a scrap 2×4, a few brackets, screws, spray paint and stain but if I had to buy it all that would have been about $20 more.

ps. Spray painting the rug was super easy.  Not that the rug felt like luxury to start, but, the spray paint did not change the feel at all.  I made the stars with a cardboard template and free handed the squiggles and dots.