Archive | May 6, 2016

My goodness my mornings


weather; 90 degrees!  wow! (28c) but it actually felt fine because no humidity

nap; I took one, Fiona did not

building; I’m well on the way to done with the newest project

This week was an anomaly (I hope).  We had so many morning activities that I’m absolutely exhausted.  I’m starting to feel like I live in a TV town because I’m going to so many quaint activities, its a nice feeling that I am ‘living the ideal’ (but it is still exhausting)

Monday was normal but always a busy day especially being the first of the month so I did all the things I promised to do on the first of the month.  Tuesday I had a teacher breakfast and it went really well.  First year for me and I see a few things to make it run more smoothly but on the whole it was easy.  Good thing about teachers is they are serve themselves type of people, not to mention on a schedule so they arrived and departed like a flock of birds.


Wednesday Niamh and Lars had early dentist appointments so they were out by 7:30 but that means I was up at 7 to pack lunches and then did the rest of the morning solo.  Thursday was a normal morning but we headed over to the library for an author visit and they sang and ‘rocked’ with the kids.  Pretty nice setup overall and I met a few mom friends there. Then, as I posted yesterday, I went to the school board meeting and it was pretty enlighting.  They welcomed me so aggressively I wonder about them a little… am I a particularly good catch or just a willing warm body?  I’ll be going to more meetings and potentially running in the fall, we will see.  Anyway, they informed me of a happening at the local high school today running from 8-2.  We normally wake up at 8 (ok, get out of bed) so being somewhere at 8 for the 3rd time in a week was hard.


It was so worth it!  Bring 3 cute girls to a high school agriculture event and you will know how rock stars are treated.  The students think little kids are the cutest and they were in good form too – bows in their hair, asking cute questions like “how many feathers does a turkey have?” and “how many eggs do they lay?” (A: 3000ish and nearly 1 a day).  The majority of the people there were other students so we stuck out in a very nice way.  More than once the sea parted and they got first service based on cute power.  We held 2 week old goats, pet a 3 day old calf, held chicks, pet a snake, learned about buffalo, got free cheese curds and actually passed by a ton of other free food showing what pork and beef and dairy can turn into in a tasty way.  You can tell where the majority of HS boys were congregating – we skipped those lines 🙂  It is an even we will definitely do in the future.  We had to run at 9 to get the kids to school  but it was a totally fun morning.

My afternoons were all busy building or cleaning (or both) and I’m ready for a relaxing night.