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Outdoor furniture and decorations (rant)

Ok – I live in Minnesota.  It snows about half the year.  So when it stops snowing/being arctic you have a limited time to get outside and enjoy the really fabulous weather.  It really is nice here in the summer and we have a giant deck, a medium deck, a patio AND a front porch.  The pinterest side of me wants all the really pretty vistas and seating arrangements and planters but the person who hates to spend a ton of money on non-value add things, not to mention a person who really does not have endless time, ends up with a frustrating situation or 10!


  1. Furniture – a whole set of furniture dedicated to outside use.  Things that need moving and cleaning a minimum of 2x a year.  If you are just starting up your collection I would advise you to steer clear of the seats with cushions.  No matter how nicely you treat them after 5 years they are trashed….  I just looked at replacement and the best I can find is $50 a piece.  Good thing I can sew but I would rather some solution that makes these chairs usable without giant bulky cushions to store.
  2. Planters – Winter I can stick some fake pine trees and make them look nice but summer I’m stuck spending a small fortune on flowers or having pretty planters full of dirt.  And there isn’t anything that can be done about spring!  Flowers would die with our temp swings in the spring but pine trees look pretty silly.  I need options for spring…  I’m also going with tomato’s and herbs rather than flowers for the value-add side of things so my guests will have to be ok with dirt for a bit until the plants look like something.
  3. Maintainance – 2 years ago we used deckover for our deck.  It was not inexpensive nor was the painter to powerwash and paint.  Guess what?  there are chips now… not super bad but I’m not pleased that I have to deal with this again.
  4. flower beds and garden – I know this is an entire hobby for some people… I wish those people were near me because I have no idea how to make my space work.  I’m happy for the few plants that come back year over year, I dislike weeding because I am never sure if I’m pulling a plant out so I have to watch it for a while to see what it turns into and that equals a shaggy looking garden.
  5. Oh, and I’m also supposed to have a fairy garden?  WTF Pinterest…  I see why some people hate that site.  Everything is just so pretty but so unattainable without a horticulture degree, a personal greenhouse, and a team for helpers (who help and don’t just dig holes and put sticks in them)

I like our outdoor spaces, I want them to be nice and I’ve been spending hours a day cleaning up winter dirt, dust, leaves, weeds, junk from last year etc and then I get to work on the inside messes too 🙂  I want some brainstorming;


  • maintenance free planter ideas for spring
  • comfortable inexpensive options for replacing cushions
  • plants that grow without fuss

ok go!


I do enjoy this though…

IMG_8692 IMG_8789 IMG_8700 IMG_8439 IMG_8765

Ps.  I just bought wood to make a ‘club house’ see, pinterest has infected my brain, I can’t stop….