I’m not doing a bad job

Sometimes when I check the kids into kid-care to work out, or, put on a show after dinner and go run on the elliptical I feel like maybe I’m not doing the right thing.  I know that being healthy is part of being a good mom but what do the kids think?


today I got a little bit of an answer….  I was doing a little work and Fiona came down and hopped on the elliptical and said she needed to work out.  She lasted about 65 seconds but hey, she is really short.  Since I still had a little bit of work to finish (taking down the townhouse add, I wish I had 3 to rent!)  I gave her my phone and she asked me to smile and show my muscles.  Not really the best picture ever but my photographer is 3.


I think that they know exercise is important.  I’ve heard them all choose water because it is ‘most healthy’.  I’m sure I’ve messed them up in other ways by calling the cute or pretty or praising a 100% on a test rather than the work or effort that went into it. (aside, so what if no work went into getting that 100?  What if the test is so easy that anything less than 100 for her I would ask if she got distracted?  Still awesome that she followed the rules and got 100% but can’t exactly praise her ‘effort’).  The other day they had a push up contest and in 4 one min tests Nimh did 80, Zoe did 100, and Fiona did 40 – I didn’t witness this so no idea on the quality but they wanted to do this!  I could be doing worse raising kids with fitness on the mind – I’m balancing it with absolutely no


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