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weather; rained for 24 hours and now we are GREEN and sunny and nice

nap; maybe – resting at least, I could use one because spring = allergies = bad sleep

house; maintaining basic party clean and looking meaningfully at my closet


Yesterday I posted this picture.  I got the idea from this


I got the idea from this pinned post.  Looks easy right?  Totally!  Now look at this picture and see if you notice something about it…

verbal contract change on a napkin-012

maybe a little less perfect, little less even, little more cream on the glasses and candy on the tray….


Let us start a the beginning so you can benefit from my research

51lhlqat7ll-_sl1498_I ordered these plastic 1 piece champaign glasses and if you look in the questions part on Amazon there was obviously another woman looking at the same pin but she didn’t seem to notice that they are MINI cupcakes.  The glasses themselves look nice but are on the flimsy side.  Let’s just say that we started with 10 and now only have 5 post party.  Maybe if I bought the ones from the pin it would be better?


What you need;

10 champaign glasses

1 5lb bag of candy, we used about 2/3

20 mini muffins.  I originally made double so I could pick the nicest looking ones but it is good to have a backup set as you will soon see.

whipped cream for topping.

Assembly is easy – M&M into glass, add cupcake (unfrosted), add frosting to cake in glass to avoid mess on the glass. (ha!)


So I’m sure if you give the physics of the situation 3 seconds of thought  you might  note that filling a flute with M&Ms and topping it with a cupcake and a squeeze of cream might lead to tipping over problems.  Boy did it!!!  If you look closely at the picture you see my attempt at anchoring the glasses with bluetack to the tray and that helped… a little…

Walking 2 steps in my kitchen had one pitch over and crash into its neighbor.  Candy all over the tray and floor and 10 kids outside waiting.  I frantically salvaged the candy from the tray and was very glad that I baked 20 mini muffins so I re did the two.  Slowly and carefully I got to the door only to wonder how will I get out this door?  I did my best waitress one hand tray hold and got out only to have the door bump my elbow and about 5 kamikazed to the pavement.  No breakage!  just candy loss so I put it back together (again) and did more cupcakes (again) and I was very glad I didn’t clean up the whipped cream gun so they all still looked good but Lars took over and he traversed the nice flat yard to the waiting kids.

The positive – they all loved them!  Nothing but smiles.


So I can’t say this is really a pin-fail but while the creation is super simple I advise making them for a dessert buffet and not trying to walk.  Alternative if you have them clustered really tightly maybe they would lean on each other for support?  Can’t say for sure.  However I can’t stress enough how tippy these really are – you have been warned 🙂


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