My world on my time

Years ago I started a post and never finished it.  It is all about the very strange and thought provoking concept that while we both live in the same world, we probably have radically different interactions with the exact same place just with minutes or hours different.

This always hits me most on story time days.  I go to the library with kid(s) in tow.  We circle the parking lot looking for a spot and going quite slow to avoid the other moms and strollers and meandering and/or darting 2f tall people.  Walk into the library pushing every handicapped button to open the doors – this used to be very necessary when I was pushing #3 in the stroller but now it is a habit.  I tell myself that if it ever is broken I can report it quickly before someone who really needs it is stuck behind a heavy closed door.  We join the stampede to the back of the library, sit on cushions, hardly shush them at all because the library is not exactly silent at 10:30 on Tuesday.  Listen to the stories, do a craft, trip over other people and bags and kids.  Chat with the dozen or so faces I recognize, gravitate to the 1 or 2 I actually know…  Negotiate for the number of books allowed to come home with us.  Join the parade to the check out and wait our turn for the machines.  Attempt to keep my temper if they start fighting over book scanning or running away (easier when its just Fiona now!).  Hand holding and ‘waiting line’ (the line in the sidewalk right before the street) leapfrog from sidewalk to sidewalk crossing the parking lot and keeping very wary of cars who might not see us all.  Finally in the car again 1.5h later and ready for lunch or maybe a quick stop at a store.

That is ‘my’ library.  Unless you are there at the same time as me you have a ‘different’ one.  I’ve been to that one too.  No lack of parking, no extra talking, and no lines for the check outs.  Even if I do have 3 kids with me, if it is 4pm it is just a very different place, no hustle and happy bustle but also more laid back and unstructured.  This perception shift between 10:30 library and 4pm library reminds me of the infinite universe theory.  All things at all times~  in general, I am very used to my world but shift things an hour and it is totally different.  At 8am there is traffic, at 5pm you can’t turn left to save your life.  Every so often I’m awake at 5am and there are a surprising number of people on the road and to the, they would hardly recognize their commute in the morning light.  My grocery store at 10am is always full of octogenarians but I know people who swear that shopping at the same store a 10pm  is a ghost town and don’t even tell the poor people forced to shop on Saturday morning that there is ever a day with no lines – hey – at least they get the samples.


Any situation that you know think about how differnt it would be if you shifted it an hour


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