three things thrusday


nap – she is sleeping, I should be

health – minor cold turns into major breathing event….

Weather – awesome, this is why I live here – sunny, 70, light breeze

House – getting party ready so a combo of clean and crafting piles


This week is full steam toward party, plus, keep up with normal life and fill in the gaps from our week last week.  On top of it all Fiona had a breathing event…  All night…  I’m getting better at this at least so I guess my #1 thing is;


  1. 2 very healthy kids and one kid who’s health I can handle.  There are so many parents with such worse conditions that I consider this breathing thing not so bad.  She just gets a sniffle and it turns into a major wheeze.  We also were not on top of her allergy medicines and the world decided to bloom.  So we missed a playdate, that’s fine, sitting quietly looking at books is nice too.
  2. Pool noodle horses!  These are really super easy and pretty inexpensive.  I got the noodles at the dollar store, I got eyeballs, clothes line, and pipe cleaner (bridle) at walmart for under $8 total.  The manes are scrap fleece and I got way more than I needed.  I already had a glue gun and a sharpie and clear packing tape so over all an inexpensive craft.  I finished all 15 in about an hour and a half.  They are the ‘goodie bag’ for the royal theme party this weekend.  Kids will have some horse races, maybe some art, a bit of ‘fight the knight’, and we will see what else.IMG_8491
  3. Brushing up my balloon twisting skills and making sure I can make plenty of swords for the party.  This was also my wordless Wed pic but I’m still happy about it


I thought I was done since so much of my week is focused on party, cleaning, and kid care that I totally forgot about this picture until I was uploading from my phone.  This is Zoe at the hotel and she is reading the only book she could find…  They tested my limits that night but this picture is just cute enough it will be all I remember.




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3 responses to “three things thrusday”

  1. fancypaperblog says :

    Skilled mama!think you might host amazing parties. Hope all was super!


  2. Joyce | Poppies and Popcorn says :

    I’m in love with the pool noodle horses! Fabulous!


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