Still here!


nap; Fiona yes

house; decent

workouts; tried a barre workout and it was good, otherwise still running and lifting.  Bootcamp is off the list because I keep having Monday’s full.

weightloss; I’ve crossed the threshold to the 10lb’s below!  not working as hard but still minding my cookies.


So late Saturday night my mom arrived 🙂  That meant that Saturday was semi-dedicated to making the house nice but I consider that cleaning downpayment on birthday season since I have 3 in the next 60 days (and 1 in the next 10).


Sunday we went to see all the cute animals at farm babies.  It was the one nice day of weather predicted for the week and it lived up to predictions.  Warm but not hot and fairly sunny.  The remainder of the week is looking like it will be as predicted too; gray and chilly…  That is spring I suppose.

Monday the kids had off?!?  I was sure it was an April fools thing…. but Zoe’s teacher sent a note in 165 point font telling us to keep our kids home so I suppose that was a fair indication that they had the day off for real.  It worked out nicely though to have an extra day with Grandma and we mostly played around the house with a brief outing to the library and post office.

Today we dragged Fiona to not just a giant fabric store but also a yarn shop.  Technically she slept through the yarn stop and was mostly good.  I could not pass up a few choice things so there will be new creations coming soon – but not too soon, next step really is party prep!

The rest of the week has a variety of things to do.  Niamh turns 8 on Thursday so we have lots of fun there.  In general when mom visits we just sit and talk and hang out and enjoy the company.  The laundry can wait 🙂  This has been a 300-word pre-explanation to say I have no idea how much I’ll be posting for the next few days – but – I’ll do what I can.


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  1. says :

    Hmm an honest blog😜


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