Three things Thursday

It’s been a while so I have more than three, and, some are from other weeks that I didn’t get to write about.


  1. Happy Birthday Dad!  My father turns another year older and for once in a long while his birthday is NOT a special lent day so he can eat and drink without bending the random laws of lent.  I’m calling in for birthday candles tonight at 7 but I’ve been thinking good dad thoughts all day.


    dad making a turkey hand print for my collection

  2. Fiona, my little firecracker, is your typical 3 (almost 4) year old with her moods and her crazy but in general she is a happy kid.  This week she helped wash dishes but spend most of the time cleaning the scrub-daddy and Monday she scootered almost a mile to the park.
  3. These cool creations from Borax actually came out very cool, I’m glad we did it – Thanks Pinterest! IMG_8416
  4. The Figgoli – you saw me make it, then decorate it, and the moment of truth – the taste!  It was really really good.  That recipe makes tons so we are still eating it because you cut a bit about the size of ‘fun size’ candy bar.  I’ve been eating it for breakfast since it is basically a big pile of egg and almond (and butter) and I’m contemplating making it again to just cut into bars as my own power bar…  It is not overly sweet and I’ve very very happy how it turned out. IMG_8357
  5. In a random cleaning I found my 1999 date book, you know, from when you had to write stuff down.  I love this little bit of history and I even have the date I met Lars on it.738A0FB9-80D8-4EEA-B7D9-2822D52FF65E
  6. Last but not least – Niamh made me this bracelet.  All by herself.  I actually have no idea how to do one myself even.  She asked for help finding how on youtube (not allowed to youtube alone) watched the video and started churning them out.  I’m happy that she wants to, I’m happy that she can use resources to figure out how, and I’m happy that her goal was to make something…  IMG_7927

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