‘good’ Friday


Mental – 2 steps from giving them away

nap – take a guess

house – well let’s just say I’m glad our easter guests know us well

easter prep – 89% – all food here, crafts in process…


There is something akin to attempting to mix oil and water on the first day of a break.  3 kids who normally get along ok can’t seem to figure it for the first 24 hours….  Everything I tried to do today was met with general resistance to outright defiance until we got to decorating the Figolli.  That nearly didn’t happen.  Zoe, the currently well-adjusted one, remembered it was on the agenda and pulled us all together to do it nicely.  I was to the point where I was just not going to try and do more than keep them from killing one another.  Anyway, I can’t really compare my day to the actual good Friday, but I always felt like using the word ‘good’ in regard to today was on the ironic side.

They decorated, I decorated, Fiona ate frosting from the can…  The aftermath is just another mess but it is a happy mess.

IMG_8355 IMG_8352 IMG_8358 IMG_8359 IMG_8357 IMG_8360 IMG_8361

The girls saw mine and got discouraged about theirs.  I told them that I not only took 14 years of art, have been decorating cakes for them for the past 8 years, but, I had a plan when I started and that tends to help.  My sisters mock me for ‘fixing’ things after they have been done but I’ll have them know that I was ASKED to help, nicely even, and we had a good time learning about how to make frosting flowers.

Notes for myself – 1. the  ‘writing’ icing was a huge pain and I won’t use it again.  The purple was the only one that was semi good.  2. This is a great way to get rid of all the extra frosting – I didn’t buy any but we used up all the 1/4 cans that were hanging out in the fridge.

The next couple of days are going to be on the busy side, I hope they work out.  It totally depends on if the kids decide to play nicely or not.


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One response to “‘good’ Friday”

  1. fancypaperblog says :

    Looks marvellous!


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