Word of the day; Help (or maybe not!)


weather; shiny and bright!  south of us got snow but we are spring

garden; sprouts!!! I love when bulbs actually come back

nap; despite swim lessons, she is watching a movie ‘resting’

workout; I’m up to squatting 170lb now, also did a mile on the treadmill and swimming lessons with Fiona and a 1/2 walk in the sun when I got home.

Easter prep; 65% – we have decorated! goal for the night is to get the dinner food in house


This daily prompt hit on just the right day.  Nope, no rant from me about how I need help.  Sometimes I yell at all the people in my house who can’t put laundry in the basket or knock something over and just walk on, but, in reality, I probably have more help than most.  Lars does 99% of the cooking, including making me lunch most days we are both around.  He will also wash dishes sometimes and generally tidy the kitchen but he has a memory hole about where things in the rest of the house go away to.  The kids are in training for picking up things, I try and get them to do three ‘good girl’ things a night but their schedule is so crazy some nights they hardly have time to eat before bed.  Like the deal with Lars; he works, I handle the house I feel like that extends to the kids – they go to school all day so I feel bad forcing too many chores on them.  On the other hand, their room is a mess and our house is seldom perfect.

The other day I was thinking about the fact that nobody tackles the ‘big jobs’ other than me, but then I gave it some thought…. what if Lars decided to clean out the closet?  I think I would have a fit.  Where would he put things?  What might he toss not knowing it was important?  Why would he move all the things, I knew where they all were!  See, maybe I have control issues but I think a big part of me is really really happy that re-org like that will never happen without me.  If I’m mid-major project, Lars will ‘help’ by appointment like he will help me lift something heavy or tote boxes out to the trash.  He never gives more than casual input and is genuinely happy with the results.  I do keep his needs (or kids if I’m messing with fixing their world) in mind and make what I feel are logical decisions.  This is so different than how I would react so I am pretty glad that nobody is moved the HELP like that in my house.

That is my take on the word Help.  I’m pretty happy with what help I get and the freedom lack of other help gives me.  For me, the Y in DIY is important 😉


I do give them jobs, thats like helping and sometimes they do even help





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