Glad I am home

I might say I hit the glass ceiling, I might say that the kids were more important than my career, both are true. One thing I don’t talk about often as a reason for leaving my professional position is that to move to the next level in my job I would have had to travel often can extensively in Europe and Asia. Travel is really fun when it’s on your terms, it is not fun when all you’re doing is business.
Every time I see a news report like this I am thankful that I had the ability to stay home where it might not be perfectly safe but I’m probably safe.


3 responses to “Glad I am home”

  1. fancypaperblog says :

    This is such a beautiful country and made a large impression on me when I travelled there with my husband. I feel such pity for them today in this horror story. I also totally get your point. Sometimes I miss the travelling whenever takes our fancy but this makes us think again.

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    • kateluthner79 says :

      I’ve never been there, my Europe travel is pretty limited but I want to go someday. I won’t live in fear, I’m still going to travel, but I want to CHOOSE to travel not put myself at travel risk constantly for work. Regardless, it is tragic and I’m not sure what else to even say.

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