Happy Pig Day!


nap – no, but there is quiet resting (maybe later she will sleep)

workout – missed yesterday totally, timing is not my friend.  Did a mini arms workout at least

weight – exactly the same as last week.  Not worse at least!  With a vacation week coming up I’m not sure how I’ll be at the end of that.

weather – cold again, but reasonably bright so I like that

lake ice – the loons are still out there but the majority took in their huts over the weekend when it was 50 degrees.


Today we went to our local library for story time and we sure picked the right week to come.  We used to go every week, to the point where I counted the librarians ‘in’ for all holiday treat distribution.  With a more active MOM club and fewer kids at home (therefore less compulsion to leave daily because she is happy puttering solo for a while) we end up at story time once a month-ish.

Our favorate librarian had a stack of pig books and the finalie was a new book and a copy for each of the kids to keep! – the author is supposed to visit later this month too!.  She also had an activity where they all pretended to be a pig in the story and piled into a kiddie pool.  She out did herself with 2 crafts today too.  We missed the first because Fiona had to go hunt and gather books for herself, but the second was a cute pig nose constructed from one pod of an egg carton.


There were cute oinks all around and it was a wonderful hour and a half.


I also fulfilled my 1st of the month duties – coffee pots have been vinegared and fridge has been cleaned.  You would think that since I did the fridge last month there would be a minimum of nasty surprises….  well, nasty happens fast I guess.  I found a container of formally macaroni gone pretty festive colors, and, a package of ravioli that fell behind the drawer and is from beyond recent memory.  Good thing I assigned myself this task monthly.


I’ve taken all day to peck at this and its not going to get much more done so I must go put kids in the car to get #1 back from her girls scouts.  Sadly, #3 is asleep at this time but #2 and Dad are out at a different thing.  Busy kids…




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