Missing Zoe

Don’t worry, no Amber alert needed, I know where she is but she isn’t with us!


 Zoe is on her very first Girl Scout ‘camping’ trip.  Camping is a loose term here, they are at a camp with cabins and prepared meals and beds with mattresses and everything.  By all accounts she is having a great time and I expect an exhausted little nugget to come home tomorrow but we keep looking for her.


Never say the middle child is forgotten!  Every in or out the door I’m missing a head.  Every car ride feels like we are short one.  Today Lars and Niamh went to a practice and Fiona and I are home and while I know where Zoe is, she is missing from our daily dynamic.


She is with friends and adults I trust at a program made just for her level  so I’m sure she isn’t missing us 🙂



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