three things thursday


health – got more sleep that 2 hours so that feels good. still a couple of colds but nothing dire

Lake ice – I don’t think going out there is a good idea…. poor season overall for ice but great for us who like spring

Weather – sunny today and we are expecting over 50 this weekend!?!

TV – started Colony, like it so far.  Missing Downtown since Lars won’t watch it and I have not had a free tv night in a while (ok by me really)


Three things this week…

  1. I’m glad to be working on some projects.  I feel like I’m at the perfect level of emails – I get some but not too many 🙂
  2. Vacation plans!  There is a ton of fun things to do, we will NOT be bored and I love planning and I double love having a friend to plan with.
  3. Cookie sales.  I’m happy to say we are within sight of our goals.  Not counting cookie booths, both girls did well.  I think Niamh did more and actually sold a ton of Zoe’s cookies, but, without Zoe, Niamh would not have wanted to get out there in the first place.  They make a good team.

That is all for now.  I need to get things done before the bus because we have a busy night!

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