Foreign objects


health – still have a cold, so does Fiona

naps – we both got one! (because we are sick)

house – staying in 2 days in a row does good things

diet -weighed in down .5 of a pound, so 8ish total


Yesterday we decided to not go out since we had colds and I didn’t want to get worse and I didn’t want Fiona to spread it around by licking unsuspecting citizens/shopping carts/doorknobs.  I have a list of things to do, one was sew a set of blankets and while I was doing that, and, Fiona was about 2 steps away doing a puzzle she pulls a new one out of the kid disaster bag;

“mom, there is a pony tail holder up my nose and its stuck!”

For the next 45 minutes we got to know the inside of Fiona’s nose very well.  It was a clear tiny pony holder, not easy to see, really not easy to grab.


On top of it all she is a snot factory at the moment.

We tried many things, booger sucker, tweezers/flashlight/magnifying glass, and even a small straw attached to the Dyson hand vac.

In the end, the snot did it.  She ended up falling asleep and when she woke up she had a ton of phlegm and after that the problem was no more.  We believe she swallowed it…


I’m hoping this is a happy ending and if you found this post because you have a similar problem my nurse sister (after she stopped laughing) reminded me that your nose and thought are way more connected than your nose and sinus so it is far more likely to go down than up.


ps.  her breathing was never ever impacted, there was no blockage.

pps. she probably breathed better after aggressively suctioning her nose…..

ppps. Later that night she had a scrap of fabric and I asked her “where are you going to put that?” and she said with an evil gleam “in my nose!”.  Then she said, “no, never in your nose, that was a bad joke”


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2 responses to “Foreign objects”

  1. fancypaperblog says :

    Yeah for naps!! The nose stuff makes me worry for the future though😯😰🙈


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